Reason to Vote for Wemi Jones (8)

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Agenda 8: Revival Of Cooperative And Thrift Groups To Provide Funding For Traders And Artisans.

As a financial savvy leader, Wemi Jones will maximize his advantage to be of immense benefit to Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu federal constituency, if elected as the next member of house of representatives, come 2019. It is an age long established fact that nobody can escape poverty without a saving culture. This, Wemi Jones holds in high esteem and is ready to sustain by reviving the thrift cooperatives (known as ‘aajo’) to provide funding for traders and artisans.


Wemi Jones is equipped to trend the path of great leaders by equipping the constituents through financial literacy. In order to make a long lasting change and activate a new paradigm, he has rated ‘aajo’ as a necessary step to financial freedom at the grassroot.


Understandably, some of the constituents could have their reservations about ‘aajo’, but Wemi Jones, out of his robust banking exploits and business sojourn, will assist well meaning constituents by creating a sustainable system of saving income, accessing loans in form of cash or goods, enjoy corporate benefits and knowledge of how to invest.


In addition, Wemi Jones is ready to empower the traders and artisans head-on through thrift cooperatives, because he believes that the level of a person’s financial proficiency is an indicator of his or her adaptability and resilience in an ever changing world. He also believes that one of the major indicator of great leadership is economic empowerment through financial literacy. This will serve as a catalyst for traders to graduate from petty sales to large scope sales and also assist the artisans for startup capitals and even running cost.

– Isaac Obajemu

For: Team Wemi Jones

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