Yagba Axis of Kabba-Ilorin Road: Citizens’ Responsibility Towards Ensuring Budget Implementation

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This year, 2022, beyond much rhetoric and unending discussions on development, I think as citizens we have significant roles to play too. We need to support our elected and appointed political office holders to achieve more than ever before.

I commend the singular efforts and supports of Apapo Omo Yagba (AOY) to the government and people of Yagba West. It is highly commendable.

This year, as a people, we need to double whatever we are doing on our road from Aiyetoro to Ejiba. We need to rise to the occasion, we need to bring everyone on board immediately. We need to urgently commence a process of giving our representatives the necessary support for the completion of our road.

Hon. Leke Abejide as the chairman, House Committee on Custom, enjoys the support of the leadership of the House and was able to secure the support of the Chairman Committee on Works on the assurances that the road will be fixed.

While it is apparent that Hon. Leke is reneging on his earlier promise to reconstruct the road, despite that he carried out due diligence on what it would require to do what he promised. His promised of total reconstruction as against palliatives others were busy doing which brought in much respite for us and seriously raised our hopes. It is unfortunately that the promise is not kept. Our noble honourable appeared to have technically shifted the goal post.

It is obvious the statement or promise was made out of excitement or one of those political statement to impress citizens.

This disappointing situation notwithstanding, as deceptive as the bounced cheque may seems, we are not giving up, I trust our OWIBE SEBE and commend the much he had done on that road. It is amazing and mouth-watering.

This time around Hon. Leke, as our representative, has further assured us again of the award of the road to a contractor having been able to get the road into the 2022 budget.

He went further to inform us of his preparedness to handover the contractor to EFCC should they fail to do the work. What a fantastic move, again.

The President, Muhammadu Buhari signed the budget into law and it will be of great essence and paramount importance that we as a people begin a process of ensuring the implementation of that budget at least the construction of our road.

Our road is under phase A, section one and two. Section 1 is from Kabba to Ejiba while section 2 is from Ejiba to Omu- Aran.

I would appreciate that Yagba people do a serious follow-up support on our Representative’s effort. All hands must be on deck and the burden of efforts rests entirely on Yagba people because Kabba to Aiyetoro is done leaving Aiyetoro to Ejiba.

In view of this, and to avoid the pitfall of the past, that I request the leadership and the people of Yagba Federal Constituency to seek from our Honourable. Elder Leke a more clarifications as to how much was allocated to each of the sections and perhaps the Company/Contractor the road is awarded.

This will serve as a guide to how much was he able to put in the budget through his friend, Chairman committee on works for each section of the road. It will also equipped us with needed information to do a thoroughly monitoring and proper follow-up.

Giving us these few details will be more assuring than a blanket assertions.

May God help us on that road ooo.

– Elder Toba Abraham writes from Ejiba, Yagba West LGA, Kogi State.

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