Suspected Assassins Killed In Imane, Olamaboro LG

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A gang of assassins in Imane, Olamaboro local government, Kogi State have reportedly met their waterloo in a failed assassination attempt which cost them their lives, LEADERSHIP can report.

The suspected assassins were arrested in connection with an assassination but were recently released from detention in inexplicable circumstances before they were killed.

The suspects, Sule Olofu, Ojochogwu Adu and Mohammed Adaji were said to have killed one Mr Adu Odike in Omlewu area, near Imane, in November 2013, making people to believe it was ritual killing and had after their release from detention, gone to the house of the informant and attempted to kill him but met their waterloo.

The late assassins were said to have gone to the house of the cousin of the late Adu Odike, Mr Julius Oleme and opened fire in a bid to kill him and Oleme who hid in a safe place while the shooting lasted, shot back at them after they had exhausted their ammunition.


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