Opinion: Don’t Blame Yahaya Bello for Everything, Blame Your Representatives Too

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The greatest political mistake of kogites in history was made in 2015. The mistake was gross that nothing, practically nothing is working and walking in the state today except wickedness and silence.
We are so focused on the all-round failures of Yahaya Bello that we forget his failures started from the failure of our representatives from State Assembly to House Representative to Senate to perform their duty of speaking and acting in the interest of  Kogi citizens at all times.
Imagine if Sen Aidoko Ali II of Kogi East and Senator Ahmed Salau Ogembe of Kogi Central join hands with Dino Melaye of Kogi West to speak in unison for the oppressed people of Kogi State maybe in a more modified form, I am sure things wouldn’t have remained this way for this long.
Imagine if our House of  Representative members; Ajanah Kabir, Hassan Omale, Karimi Sunday Steve, Benjamin Ikani Okolo, Egwu Emmanuel, Yusuf Ayo Tajudeen, Muhammed Idrisu  Lawal, Tijani Ahmed Yusuf and Umar Buba Jibrin, the 9 of them should join hands with the Senators to speak for the oppressed people of Kogi State? I am sure things would have changed to some extent by now. But no, they choose to remain silent and watch because they are more concerned about returning to office than performing their duties by speaking for us, therefore, would not want to be in the bad book of Yahaya Bello forgetting that it will not be Yahaya Bello who will return them to office, but the oppressed people of Kogi State.
I do not want to start speaking about our house of Assembly members, they are docile and unelectable set of people who rode on the mantra of change to office.
An Assembly that could watch the governor owe up-to 24 months salaries without barking Nor biting  is not worth mentioning
An Assembly that could watch the misappropriation of about 300 billion Naira since the inception of this government without barking Nor biting is not worth mentioning
An Assembly that could watch the  Governor turn over Kogi land to the Fulani herdsmen   after seeing mayhem caused by this same set of people in other states is north worth mentioning. Their silence on this is tantamount to signing the death warrant of Kogi citizens judging from what is happening in other states of the federation.
An Assembly that could watch the bastardization of our educationally sector, our health sector and every other sector of the state is not worth mentioning.
An Assembly that could watch the victimization of Kogi workers by sending more than 15000 of them from the work force  and many of them  dying  of hunger and starvation  is not worth Mentioning.
But we do have one consolation. It is 2019, a year to make another political decisions. It has always been the consolation of Kogites against  poor performance. Our consolation is the fact that we will have the opportunity to correct our mistakes after every four years.
If you have failed to speak for us now in the chamber while we suffer, we will fail to return you to office when you come looking for our votes
If you have failed to stand by us while our legs are broken by bad policies, we will fail to stand by you when you come with asking that we stand with you at the time of campaign
This time we will scout and sort for people with the capacity to deliver right from the Assembly to the Senate before the governorship election. We will make sure the right people are put in the right places. Not those who will choose digging of “boreholes” That will not last more than three months as their primary functions for us. We will reject you and reject your boreholes when it is time to make the decision.
Please don’t come asking for our votes if you know you stood for yourself now and not for us.
– Comrade Maji Isah

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