Dino vs Bello then Smart: Substantiation of Biased Kogites by Prince Suleiman Adinoyi

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The retorts amassed on the showdown between His Excellency Alh. Yahaya Bello and Senator Dino Melaye in connection with Senator Smart Adeyemi is an insignia that substantially leaks the indecorous bearing of Kogites.

Absolutely, the knowledge behind the creation of Kogi State by God Almighty to have ethnics like Ebiras, Igalas, Okuns, Bassas, Oworos and other minority cliques was a metaphysical thing which can be best comprehended by Him alone. However, it is a perpendicular belief that Solitary can only be Exceptional when God is pointed”, thus we can establish that the amalgamation of two or more constituents can only bring nothing but evolution, peace, growth and other akin advancements so long as egocentrism, parochialism, abhorrence, bigotry, and other forms of rose-tinted-glass attitudes are downplayed.

It is a fact irrefutable that Senator Dino Melaye has always depleted any vitality he mustered to vilify Governor Yahaya Bellos actions and inactions for every opportunity he has caught to be in the media, whilst doing this, I have always offered to study the ripostes from Kogites, and the mind boggling question will always be why would Dino be doing this? another is “how could some people rate his module of operation as Grade-A?

Contrariwise as an advocate of truth and diehard supporter of Gov. Yahaya Bellos ambition from the graze till this hour, I sought to find answers picking from Dinos explosion in assessment of how the present administration is being steered, in keenness, it was another head-to-head between same Sen. Dino and Sen. Smart.

Truth be told, the face-off between Sen. Dino and Smart is a melodramatic session where anyone outer Kogi State can emphatically delineate what our entire syndrome is in Kogi State. I have come to understand that same people who were jubilating when it was Sen. Dino versus Gov. Yahaya Bello are now faulting either Sen. Dino or Sen. Smart for their showdown.

They have precipitously regained their lost sense of unobjectionable means of adjudication. They have suddenly found what Love, Peace, tolerant, open-mindedness, and altruism are all about. They have come to tell who brothers or families are; they have come to tell how to protect their image.

Then again, my question is are we to apportion blame to God Almighty for the creation of Kogi State with these diverse ethnic groups? if we can condemn the face-off between Sen. Dino and Sen. Smart (Okun vs Okun), Sen. Ohiare/Gamji and Gov. Bello (Ebira vs Ebira), Hon. Edward Onoja and Muhammed Audu (Igalas vs Igalas) as unhygienic, why not Sen. Dino versus Gov. Bello, Dino versus Onoja, Bello versus Hon. Faleke and co.? Who will kill this syndrome?

Fact is, Gov. Yahaya Bello has his deficiency, one may say he is yet to meet up with Civil servants’ affairs, Sen. Smart has his fault also, and one may also say he never represented the good people of the West Senatorial districts as expected during his time, and not to be left out, Sen. Dino has his defects, one may say he has no constituency office or not representing his constituency well.

In the same light, Hon. Edward Onoja has his flaws, you may say he is now the Governor for the Governor and for the Governor, that he mastermind the affairs of the state as many purported, but it will be great we ask to know and avoid molding unnecessary postulations as it may regenerate to another run-in. Consultation or advices should be considered sacred.

To crown it all, this piece is to beseech Kogites irrespective of tribe, flank, and political differences to scabbard their sword and come together as one indivisible entity. If the mountain refuses to come closer, please, go close to the mountain.

More fundamentally to our frontrunners, please put masses first and eschew Self-centeredness, and to the masses, let us avoid chauvinism and being the subject of our tribulations as unity in persistent leadership is elevation.

Long Live Federal Republic of Kogi State.

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