Town Hall Meetings a Good Step Towards Okun Emancipation

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For so many years Okun people have served in one way or the other as the brain box for Nigeria, Northern Region, Old Kwara State and still steaming in the present Kogi State. It will be an understatement if one is querying the intellectual capacity of an average Okun person.

But has this transformed to any meaningful development? Why are we where we are? I thought that was the statement of the problem that prompted the initiators of Okun Town Hall Meetings that is on going in Okun Land!

Like the Nehemiah of old, someone must be concerned and be pained that Okun is lacking in purposeful leadership who could serve as anchor to pull us together. Okun is bereft and backward in infrastructure – lack of good road networks, inadequate of power supply, exploitation by the foreign nationals that came into our land inform of doing businesses with us. Low in educational standard as someone with 8 credits can’t write a good sentence, youth unemployment that led our younger generation doing “tuale”. Backwardness in the political landscape and others.

Whose fault; Can we really blame Igala or Ebiras?

I feel strongly that none of these two ethnics nationality is at fault, as we are the cause of the morass and humiliation we are faced with. Our case is a symptom of bad blood for one another that culminated to long years of disunity and acrimony.

Okun for too long have been exploited by others via our own blood like the proverbial saying, ‘Omo Ina Lan Ran Sina’! When an Okun man is rising he will class himself as superior to his or her mate and the resultant effect is hatred from his people. How do we use our office? Is it to oppress or to lift our people. No wonder we are backward. There will always be envy and fight when the resources available is not evenly distributed among brethren.

Okun also lack potent leadership, leaders that we often have are thrown up by situation at hand. Therefore, Okun do have situational leaders, especially in our political space. It is high time that people world over put in front those that can command respect as their leaders. Money and position doesn’t turn someone to a leader. It is on this note that I enjoined us all to put a search for a leader that can point to a unitary direction. The leaders must be ready to face the truth and defend it with vigor. He should also have teeth to bite defiance.

On our Youths and Empowerment! Given of Bajaj, sewing machines and mentorship like Igbos!

It is has become a sad thing seeing our youths languishing in abject poverty and our political representatives believed that given Okada, rice, sewing machines are empowerment. I want to differ with this and plead that a centre for skill acquisition where trade can be learnt be encouraged, serious youths can learn trade like solar system installation, close circuit cameral Installation etc.

Our honour to the Royal Fathers in Okun land should be stepped up as they are the custodian of our culture. Like what Barr. Ojuola said, in the 1960s the Royal Fathers formed the Council in the era of Native Authority, but today they have been relegated by us to be used when there is problem. Someone will receive the security votes while it is the Royal Fathers that will be disturbed to ensure there is security in their domain.

To be continued.

– Omoluabi Abidemi Ajengbe
September 15, 2021

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