The ‘Local Government Chairman’ in the Senate (1)

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Of the entire lawmakers Kogi East has produced, Senator Jibrin Isah ranked the lowest. He is a radical Igala/Bassa antagonist but a stooge to powers that be. He is naturally segregating and audaciously fallacious in deeds. What is pegged of him is akin to a story told by miscreants and accepted by peasants, it is totally insubstantial. The man basking on euphoria of fictitious  job facilitation has proven to be so bereft of ideas. Firstly, he was rigged from exile to the 9th assembly— a position he previously rejected courtesy of his ambitious quests to become the state governor but deliberately accepted as an escape route having frittered his fortunes in pursuit of the wind. His sudden foray into the Nigerian senate was sequel to invidious tactics of the most incompetent government Kogi state ever witnessed to get rid of possible opponents. Some of us knew, and we forewarned that the sudden remembrance of Igala Cultural Development Association (ICDA) which Echocho chaired was an attempt to buy off Igala/Bassa’s giant stride at the National level. It shocked me to the bone marrow that all eyes were blinded to the red flag, and here they are trying to force everything down our throats.

From the blues, a senator of the federal republic is presenting himself for another term with keke-Napep, hairdressers and boreholes as reference points. He want us to sheathe the import of legislation at this trying time of our national life and re-elect him to a once desecrated, low level senate which he and his cohorts now see as cash-cow. He rides on the horse back of our traducers, paying huge amount of money to internet jobbers who in turn sought for photos, cropped and handed over to some self-styled brainless fellows whose dearth of knowledge are obvious on social media, apparently, they ought to be in class but Senator Jibrin Isah bought them from the street for perfidious intentions.

Perhaps, sanity reclines in the tiniest voice of the minority, the obvious is not stated. Nobody is pointing out the fact that Jibrin Isah was rigged to office in 2019, or why he still ravishes in illusion of old constricted order of election malpractices. Nobody is asking why he slept almost immediately after resuming office. Nobody cares about the fact that, he has no single bill of substantive value. No one cares to know how he was hand-picked for second tenure and his counterparts were jettisoned. Nobody cares about what really endeared him to powers that be, or the certainty of Igala/Bassa continuity under his watch. Nobody cares to know that Echocho is so unpopular now, and the truth behind AfriBank shenanigans is gradually unfolding. Nobody cares about his academic CV with recourse to the sensitivity of the mandate that was stolen and handed over to him. No one cares about his activities so far in the Senate or how legislation was at the whims and caprices of powers that be! Nobody cares about how he deliberately aided corruption in Kogi state, or how intentionally he defended murderers and shielded them from the rod of justice. The worrisome fact that he has relieved the entire local government chairmen while doing their jobs in Ankpa/Dekina looks like a rescision. But to my greatest dismay, the notoriety of bad leadership has become the magic wand for the most incompetent lawmaker in history, what an irony!

Fellow Kogi Easterners, with the facts on ground, Echocho can only better his political lots with our disunity and continued wreckage and disarray. Who could have thought that a man of his status would oppose public interests? Yet, he does that with alacrity, not minding whose ox is gored, as long as it appeases to powers that be. Well, the illusion grips. But nothing less was expected of a man who once berated the entire Igala/Bassa and accused them of ripping him off to penury. As another historic moment beckons, it is necessary Kogi Easterners know who is truly for, or against them. Senator Jibrin Isah and his cronies are cashing out no doubt but behind the elaborated hoax of boreholes, solar lights, keke-Napeps and even road construction are heinous crimes of our distinguished senator gradually extinguishing Kogi East. Kindly read the next part of this piece. It is an opener.

– John Paul

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