Prince Elijah Ibinayin an Epitome of Philanthropy, Beacon of Hope – Kogi Governor’s Aide

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The Special Adviser to the Kogi State Governor on Civil Service and Labour Matters, Hon Olabode Adeyemi has described US-based philanthropist, Prince Elijah Ibinayin as a beacon of hope.

Omoluabi made this known in a press release made available to the newsmen in Lokoja on Wednesday to celebrate Ibinayin’s golden jubilee.

He stated that Kabba-born Ibinayin is an epitome of philanthropy and an exceptional community leader.

He said: “It is a thing of joy to join the entire people of Oweland, friends and well wishers of Prince Elijah to thank God on his behalf and celebrate a life of an astute community developer, quintessential beacon of hope, epitome of philanthropy and outstanding kinsman who is a pride of many in view of his humanitarian, pastoral and community development services.

“Prince Elijah represent a breed of Okun people who are committed to see their community transform into developed society and also resolute in improving the welfare of the people through constant assistance and support they always mobilize for their people despite residing far away in America.

“Apart from his philanthropic acts, Prince Elijah is a kind hearted individual who finds great joy in seeing his friends and everyone around him grow and manifest their potentials.

“Prince Ibinayin has written his name in an indelible rock of history as a fine gentleman, committed servant of God, quintessential advocate of social justice, unassailable philanthropist, unparalleled lover of his community and a good ambassador abroad,” he said.

He congratulated Prince Ibinayin on his 50th birthday, adding that it is a celebration of five decades of service, impacting and of a journey to stardom.

“I thank Prince Elijah for his rare heart of love, kind disposition, generous personality and untiring commitments to the welfare of his people. He has proven on uncountable times to be a welfarist, lover of his people, helper of the poor, servant of God and defender of the truth.

“On his fiftieth birthday I pray for renewed strength, unfailing health, greater glory, prosperity and long life for him and all that concerns him.”

He enjoined Prince Elijah not to get weary of doing good as the rewards are here and hereafter.

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