Post Election Tatatata, Salome Abuh and Kogi Grave Dances; Way Forward

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I will start by passionately appealing to Kogi politicians to please, for the sake of God, collect back the guns given to thugs during the last governorship election. This is not an appeal to either APC, PDP or SDP, but all politicians.

There is no point beating around the bush, the Nigerian Police Force has since admitted that fake policemen overpowered the deployed policemen during the last governorship election and that is enough to say, security agencies are not near been able to put a stop to the activities of dark forces operating in the state, and FCT highways to the state.

Very many people are confused in Kogi State and by extension, Nigeria. Not for any hidden reason, but for the obvious shock of how the living are sending the living to the cycle of death. How will a gunman not just rob the victim of money and valuables but go ahead to kill them?

The above question can lead to confusion but a clearer understanding of how the living are sending the living to the cycle of death may give us sigh.


Kogi State was during the last election sadly filled with very horrible people. There were people, thugs, youths, in their right senses who hunt lives; they kill perhaps to protect their perceived benefactors interests despite been aware that they too, I mean they themselves will die one day!

May God avenge all their killings on them and cause them to die by their sword… Amen.

Election is now over and they shifted to ungodly operations as money was the biggest motivator of these assailants and they don’t mind how it comes. Argue it or leave it, they were initiated into this evil by pre election monetary baits which are no longer forthcoming  and to make ends meet, they have resorted to highway stealing, robbery, kidnapping and killing of innocent citizens. They dress in any guise and can commit any form of atrocities. Don’t wonder who they are, they are the real actors of “tatatatata” as at the time of election.

Unfortunately, the government, from top to bottom, is as rotten today as all other facets of our society including the traditional, religious socio-political generational groups.

“Tatatatata” is a business. Some view it as some sort of merry emanation; however to those affected by the menace of societal bad eggs, it (tatatatata) is the code name for evil strike. This evil strike is without definition and cogent interpretation all the bad events that affects the larger society including political and non political vices. 

Make a short sober reflection on Salome Acheju Abuh, whose death occurred amidst political jubilation turn frenzy, do we think her death was the only horrible menace experienced in the last election? Certainly, no! But I don’t buy in to the idea of it been a retaliatory attack. It is a condemnation worthy incident by all people of good conscience and her killers shall have no peace in this world, before the hereafter when they shall be facing God.

The most unfortunate reality however is, we, as a people do not like ourselves; we are quick to orchestrate evil on the other political party, reluctant about humanity and not concerned about the teachings of our various religions. Our conscience are bloated with the guilt of many innocent victims of electoral and social vices whose murder were not given justice and with this bad precedent, we can’t expect the gruesome murder of a mother, guardian, daughter, sister and friend not to be treated with the established carelessness.

With the foregoing, I expect a seeming understanding of the “grave dance” and levity which has become phenomenal with lawless killings in Kogi State.

Lest it is forgotten, the memory of a young Kogi State University undergraduate, Daniel Usman, who was murdered on his first ever attempt to exercise his voting franchise during the 2019 general election can still be fresh to whoever reflects back at it. Alas and up till this moment, justice hasn’t been served on anybody in connection to his irksome killing.

Perhaps, that justice denial system explains why and how post election “tatatatata” is been carried out all over with much tenacity and seeming fearlessness. Highway robbery and kidnapping with NYSC uniforms was the introduction, but the “tatatatata” has been taken to the level of daylight killing at the State owned University. Before you call it cultists activities, they are perpetrating that because except for what was not made public, the school has not in recent time suspended any student on the grounds of cultism, not to talk of expulsion which is the ideal capital punishment for cultism activities on campus. These acts of negligence is very wicked to take and wickedness is not limited by tribe, political party, social status or religion.

Sorry for the digression, Kogi State University killings is a nightmare of its own.

However, as the living sends the living to the cycle of death, we must not be fooled by grave dances to think relevant authorities  cares about its own people dying. If they do, we would have been seeing justice given to the dead and mass arrest of suspects. Alas, all we see is APC and PDP pointing accusing fingers at themselves rather than authorities finding lasting solutions.

Despite the fact that power is transient, the quest of nowadays men to hold power has removed compassion from them and so, nobody really cares.

In rounding up, I call on you not to despair. Yes, you! Humanity is looking up to you and you must not let it down. Join the crusade of a violence free society and start preaching against the prevalence of “tatatatata” tendencies. Killing anyone in his prime is an outright shortening of life and that is what I refer to as the living sending the living to the cycle of death, we must all stop it before it gets out of hand.

– Comrade A. M. Nasiru
Public opinion moulder.
Twitter handle: @amnasiru

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