Opinion: Intending Lugard House Tenants Failing Already

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In all endeavours of life, experience matters, nothing beat experience, human beings learn very fast and react appropriately to prevailing circumstances as it affects them. Political situation is one of such experiences, if we as a people,  refuses to pick a lesson or two,then  surely, we are doomed.
By our mandates, some persons get the nod to represent us, the MASSES, at various level of elective positions, and even appointments based on federal character, now the question that will readily comes to mind is how accountable and accessible were these persons during their time while serving? This is one critical question we, Kogites  must ask those intending TENANTS of Lugard House. Among these Tenants, are former House of Assembly members, Federal House of Representatives, Senators, both  tired and serving, former Governors, as well as perpetual governorship aspirants, former this and former that.
All these persons have started showing their real self even when they are not there yet, they don’t identity with the people at the grassroot, they have no  idea of the true situation of affairs as it affects us a state, they don’t pick or return calls, not even a text as a response, they avoid gatherings where through feelings are shared and discussed, all these are signs of a bad and uncaring leader, we must try as much as we can to avoid them. At the appropriate time, we shall be mentioning names, because we really want to sensitize our people on the danger of entrusting our hope in such persons.
Equally too, we have small words of advice for our acclaimed political godfathers or kingmakers, it is no longer business as usual, in case you may wish to anoint, please anoint someone that is popular. Don’t give us a House of Assembly member, Reps member, Senators, and others that are only to themselves – people that get to visit home only when they need to use people for one or two political gains. We shall refute such anointing with all vigour.
So to those of you intending tenants, do make the necessary adjustment or quit because we shall wait for you at the polling booth.
The sensitization is seriously on and like wildfire it’s  spreading.
God bless the MASSES of kogi state.
– Mallam Ahmed Suleiman MAS

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