2019: Go Get Your PVC and Be Part of Those to End Slavery in Kogi State

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Going by the popular saying that “one who does not know where the rain began to beat him cannot say where he dried his body”.
Kogites are conscious people who can tell the exact point where the rain started and has began to tell when they shall have themselves dried up and once again smile at the rising sun.
2019 means alot to Kogites as they see it as a year to free themselves from the claws of a self proclaimed #lion who has not only torn the state but has molested and raped a virgin state beyond repair. And as such the outcome and how the 2019 forthcoming election would look like is now a thing of concern to an average Kogi state citizen.
But I must let us know that if not until we stand united and fully determined we may yet fail the test as the wicked ones will continue to work hard to maintain status quo.
And in preparing we must get ourselves armed with our PVC and get set to send our common oppressors parking from the dormitory of power.
Share and encourage those who are yet to get their PVC do so.
– Omachi Isaac Achor

Spread the love

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