Okun Nation: An Open Letter to Hon Leke Abejide

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Greetings to Your Excellency Hon. Leke Joseph Abejide. May Almighty God give you long life, strength and sound health in Jesus Name.

This Election has come and gone, leaving behind some lessons for all sons and daughters of Okùn Nation.

To the best knowledge of some of us, we knew that you contesting for Kogi Governor in this last Election was not for your own personal or selfish interest but for the general goodness of Okun Nation and Kogi state in general. You did not come to enrich your self but to liberate your people out of the suffering and wipe their tears but, to some people, they saw you as Oliver Twist.

Your Honour Sir, I want you to please, never allowed the behavior of our people to disappoint you. I am begging you not to be weary of Okùn Nation. The time is not now but I know that by the grace of God, you shall become a Governor of this state. I don’t know the time but I pray to be alive then IJN.

In conclusion Sir, Joseph was despised and sold out as a slave but he was the one that later saved his people out of hunger and famine when the time comes. I see you as the Joseph of Okùn Nation and God Almighty shall continue to bless you with sound health, long life, divine strength, wisdom and protection as you continue to do your good works throughout Okunland.

Your coming in, your going out shall always be divinely protected in name of Jesus.

As advocates of Unity, we are looking forward to you as a father of UNITY of Okun nation to build the bridge of Unity among Okun People for our better tomorrow.

We don’t want politics to divide us beyond repair in Okunland.

Remain blessed Sir.

– Ajayi Kayode.
Isọ̀kọ̀n Ọmọ Okun.

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