Kogi Elections: The Amazon And The Barbarians

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The election has come and gone but it left its traces as usual. I thought we should have left it behind us and move on with our lives but some people are still using it as opportunity to drag other people. They find something to blackmail a target. We find opportunities in everything. The coming of social media made some things worse. It has made blackmails trend very fast. People are so fast to share contents before they can have the time to think. No time to verify the content, everyone just want to help a trending information trends more like it’s a job.

I have read and listened to comments on trending video of Senator Natasha. A video that was made just after the 2023 senatorial elections. The video was every where when it was made in March 2023 condemning the outcome of the Senatorial election where she was rigged out and the result manipulation in Ajaokuta LG. The manipulation that was corrected to restore the mandate given to her.

The March 2023 video suddenly resurfaced after the Kogi election in November in 2023, thanks to the barbarians, and the video was trending again. Those that you felt should think before sharing the video shared with comments. I know Nigerians are people of the moment with emotions but I didn’t know that our memory is truly this short. I don’t want to believe that the economic hardship in Nigeria has so messes up our head to the point that we can’t remember what happened 8 months ago.

One thing that everyone knows about Sen. Natasha is that she is a fearless woman that is never afraid to say what’s in her mind and she never denied her words. It is common sense to know that Natasha could not have made such video after the governorship election when she was not on the ballot. Instead of taking time to have a critical look at the video to know if it was the video that they watched in March 2023, they were just sharing and writing rejoinder with insults. I didn’t know that Natasha’s words mean this much to them.

The intent of the resurfaced video was to use it to destroy her street credibility. Do you think that such blackmails can pull her down? Natasha is a shining star that has a pact with her people that elected her to represent them. She had displayed from her first day at the Red Chamber that she meant business. Why can’t you let her focus on her job and hope that her efforts revive Ajaokuta Steel complex? Is she still peppering you? Accept the defeat at the court and move on.

Election has come and gone and winners and losers have emerged. Meanwhile the losers are seriously studying the INEC iRev. I was on iRev yesterday to feed my eyes too. Let’s leave the court battle for the candidates, allow Natasha to focus on her job, and let’s get back to our respective jobs and stop driving trivialities.

May Amazon succeed and Kogi Central shall be great!

Prof. Abdelghaffar Amoka wrote from Zaria.

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