Kogi Guber Peace Advocacy: You Either Use or Lose Life – Comrade Nasiru

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Dear Youths,

Politics is no doubt a very lucrative business in this part of the world for people of low self esteem, lost vision cum uncreative mind and so, very many people can go to any extent to remain on board without recourse to morality.

And to achieve this; evil machinations such as character deformation, deliberate oppression of the vulnerable, unsolicited manipulation of government structures and at its peak, unleashing of electoral violence. To say the least, no blood is worth the ambition of any politician and hence, the need to take heed.

Once upon a time, there were a crop of characters tormenting all over under the guise of political youth groups and some of them were so powerful that their names could mean death to anyone who falls out with them. But, they all fell to the cold hands of death at their various peaks and no one who is intending violence can escape similar fate. More over, those who lives by the sword – dies by the sword.

Election win and lose is not comparable with the win and lose of lives because while every four years avails the opportunity of a fresh election, when a life is lost, it is lost forever.

Alas, the families of many who suffered this natural law in the past were often leave to themselves afterwards. While it is quite easy for one to wonder why and how people become tools of electoral violence, the reason is not far from extreme emotion and unguided followership. This is to say many of those who politicians depend on to unleach violence often suffer from “life value amnesia” cum inexistent “ego-immortal” Freudian.

The moral lesson is therefore; as much as politics looks very lucrative, those who enjoy the bigger share of its booty are usually imported by mercenaries after elections are won. They surface as old friends, alumni or club mates of the winners and whenever they come, they are not just placed in sensitive positions but in most cases, turn cabals (decision makers).

Take it or leave it, every election is won/lose by waves. These wave is not in how crowded rallies are or how much political souvenirs are in circulation but the consensus of every five to ten men you question on the street. The true determinants of every election has apathy for rallies. They usually reserve their pain, desire, goodwill and resolve for election day when they will come out en masse to massively vote for or against a their choice.

By and large, it is from the direction of waves that those who wants to either acquire or hold on to power by all means begins to plan evil machinations to satisfy their urges. No doubt, they will throw baits such as cars, soft cash and even empty post election promises to woo executors but since life has no duplicate, you either “use it or lose it” as the choice is entirely ours all the time.

My fellow youths, some “people wei go no return o, make una use una tongue count una teeth” or else, you waste your life making the life of another man. Election is not war, say no to violence and urge the perpetrators of violence to use their immediate family, if violence becomes the only way out.

Yours in nation building.

Comrade A. M. Nasiru
Email: naadejohs@gmail.com
Twitter handle: @amnasiru

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