Valentine Opaluwa Ejeh Bags Doctorate Fellow in Corporate and Strategic Research

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By Eneojo Herbert

Frontline writer, researcher, documenter, and biographer, Dr. Valentine Opaluwa Ejeh has been elected as a Doctoral Research Fellow by the board of trustees of the Corporate Institute of Strategic Research in Abuja. This prestigious recognition comes as Dr. Ejeh has satisfied the stringent requirements for admission to the membership and has demonstrated exceptional competence in leadership, research, and outstanding performance.

The election took place on June 29th, 2024 at the NAF Conference center in Abuja, the Nigerian capital, marking a significant milestone in Dr. Ejeh’s illustrious career.

His election as a Doctoral Research Fellow was affirmed after the submission and presentation of a paper titled: Security, Peace and Stability: The Antidote to Economic Growth in Nigeria.

His election is a testament to his extensive contributions to the fields of writing and documentation, as well as his notable achievements in biographical research.

Dr. Ejeh’s work has long been recognized for its depth, clarity, and impact, making him a respected figure in academic and literary circles. His ability to blend meticulous research with engaging storytelling has earned him accolades and solidified his reputation as a leading biographer in Nigeria and beyond.

Dr Ejeh is the publisher of National Ethics and Values Research Journal, Chief Operating Officer of Pencraft Books, a research, writing, documentation and publishing firm based in Abuja, the Senior Research Assistant Apex Security and Safety Consultancy.

He is a sought after researcher and writer. He has authored many books including: The Jewel of Our Generation; The Feast of Wits and prominently; Africa’s Search for the Holy grail of Football. He is also co-author; The Man of the Masses, Standing Out in the Crowd-The biography of late Senator Dr. Chief Alex Usman Kadiri, A Discourse On the Political Life of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Lifelong Ambition of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu among others. His fourth-coming well researched academic book titled: War, Insurgency, Terrorism and Network for Peace has received raving review from academics and military scholars amongst whom is Nigerian Army Resources Centre Abuja, Department of Transformation and Innovation, Office of the Chief of Defence Staff, Major Gen. Garba Audu, Nigeria Defence College among others.

Dr Ejeh is a UN-POLAC ECOSOC Peace Ambassador and member of the Discussion Group on Religion, Conflict and Peace, School of Divinity, Harvard University, Massachusetts USA.

He earned Postgraduate Professional Diploma in Peace and Conflict Management from Blessed Cosmopolitan College UK. He is pursuing a Doctoral (PhD) Degree in Peace and Conflict Management at Freedom University & Seminary College, Pottstown, USA.

In accepting this honor, Dr. Ejeh expressed his gratitude to the Corporate Institute of Strategic Research and its board of trustees for the recognition of his research works and rewarding him with Doctoral Research Fellowship of the world reputable institute. “I will do everything to justify the confidence reposed in me by proffering solutions to humanity problems through critically thinking outside the box and innovative research.”

He also called on the President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and policy makers to think outside the box by evolving mitigating strategies to assuage the plight of the citizenry in the face of the present harsh economic reality in Nigeria.

He highlighted the importance of research and documentation in preserving history and advancing knowledge ultimately towards nation building, and he reaffirmed his commitment to these endeavors.

The Corporate Institute of Strategic Research in Abuja is renowned for its dedication to promoting strategic research and leadership excellence.

The election of Dr. Ejeh as a Doctoral Research Fellow underscores the institute’s commitment to recognizing and supporting individuals who have made significant contributions to their fields.

As Dr. Ejeh embarks on this new chapter as a Doctoral Research Fellow, his election serves as an inspiration to other researchers and writers, demonstrating the value of dedication, excellence, and a commitment to advancing knowledge. The event in Abuja not only celebrated Dr. Ejeh’s achievements but also highlighted the ongoing importance of strategic research in shaping Nigeria’s future.

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