The Red Valentine

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Today, many years ago, a highly influential man died for acting against the order of the day. He died because of his stand on a truth. He lived sacrificially to enshrine this ideal, though down from the early century (around 3rd – 8th century), what he stood for has been whitewashed or sub-changed for a menial, physical, ordinary, seemingly romantic, or share of superficial affection. This is more like saying; the right thing being done in a wrong way. 

Misinterpretation of a gesture could further destroy or at least tamper with the original state. Do you know that Valentine is actually Saint Valentine, and sainthood especially in the early centuries aren’t mere nominal or inborn, it takes alot of discipline, sacrifice, love and passion? Do you know that Saint Valentine was a Clergy man, that is  known as a man of God/Pastors in our days? Do you know he died today 14th February as a result of ministering to persecuted christians many years ago by encouraging them to live right especially by wedding male and female together secretly against the law of the land?

Well, the narrative might not be convincing enough, but the beauty of such global celebration should be researched to understand the “why” and “how”. More especially, what lessons can we learn from this? 

Talk about passion for the truth. 

Martyrdom (dying for your faith). 

Sacrificing to see things done in the right way inspite of the inadequate ability or resources.

The beauty of going extra mile to bring beauty or value to other people’s lives is priceless and eternal.

It way actually a Happy Valentine Day because he died for a greater course than self, temporary pleasure or mundane reason, just like  Martins Luther King Jnr also died for a dream… However, love is a universal language, and that seems to make it stand out. The colour of love is red today, as in other days when many put on red outfits and could jokingly be assumed to be marking their own Valentine’s day, but it’s not just red for romance or fancy, but it’s red because blood was shed for a germane course. 

As great as it is to celebrate Valentine Day today, it is also have healthy to  understand it’s history so that the approach we express ourselves in celebrating won’t be corrupted.

Happy Val to Y’all! 

– IK Obajemu

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