Lessons From the Lockdown (4): Digital System is the New Norm

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Digitization is gradually becoming the ideal method to embrace in living our daily lives. Mankind have been created to be relational and this is the reason communication skills are very important in our day to day affairs.

Furthermore, the history of civilization have moved from one period to another after a long period of time. For example, there’s stone age, industrial revolution etc

Of prime importance is the understanding that everyone need to get digital as much as possible. As earlier said  in one of the lessons I have learnt, things that lacks attention are now the boom, and things men take for granted are now becoming compulsory to survive or necessities to thrive.

I have learnt that we are in the digital age when disruptive technology or technocracy will play a pivotal role. What do I mean by the term “technocracy”? This is speaking more of smarter countries where all ideas will be done, driven or managed by the use of technology. The truth is that, online or call it internet is gradually becoming the upgrade of globalisation.

This season will be characterized by the fading of the long known ideas/norms and the emergence of new normal/powers.

It will be healthy not to be comfortable in the old ways before coronavirus pandemic, to the point of rejecting the new ways,no matter how inconvenient they seems. In fact, the faster we get digitalized, the better.

However, I only see myself learning it bit by bit because it takes data and time. Businesses transactions will be made virtually, governance/leadership done remotely, relationships taking an online shape while training/schooling are attended to from the comfort of our rooms. What a new world!

 I’m actually still learning because some social media platforms are new or strange to me. However, I have learnt that technology is not our enemy but a tool.

We should know that giving excuses will automatically give failure the opportunity to thrive. The world is moving and post covid-19 will reflect more of this shift! If you are not deliberate to be digitalized, you will either be forced in or left behind.

The bottom line is that; digital system is gradually becoming the face of globalisation. The upgrade of your online skills is not waste of time in the journey of becoming a tech savvy or literate.

In concluding my forth lesson that’s learnt during this lockdown, permit me to bring this point to a close by saying that, digital gateways, just like self development, is a process and a necessity now!

– Isaac K. Obajemu writes from Kogi state.

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