SOLEMN Prayer for Kogi; A State in a Hoop of Hoodoo

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Almighty God, I beseech thee this day on behalf of Kogi, my beloved but traumatized state to look down and hearken to our cry due to the pitiable condition of your children. The times are perilous and your children in Kogi are in anguish because of the nondescript rule of a Pharaoh who schemed and bought his way to the throne in Lugard Palace. Despite the absurdities that epitomized his conscription and enthronement even those who profess faith and belief in you claim it was your making despite the insistence of some of us that there is no confusion in anything you have a hand in.
Events of the past few months reveal a NEW DIRECTION to nothingness with governance stagnant; all motion without movement and in certain instances reverse mode administration. History is replete with situations where you have permitted bad rulers in the affairs of men whenever it is necessary to reprimand and correct. For transgressions known and unknown, for incidental and intentional sins we seek your forgiveness so that this yoke that has become unbearable will be lifted off the shoulders of your people. Forgive our collective indifference to all that you abhor; ignore our ignorance for deceiving ourselves into believing there can ever be peace and progress amidst injustice, mischief and impunity.
Our folly is glaring and in obedience to your word that if those called by your name will humble themselves and forsake iniquity You will heal their land, we approach your throne of grace look unto us with mercy and heal our land. Free us from the choking grip of marabouts, soothsayers and magicians so that joy will return and reign in every home in Kogi State. We acknowledge the great endowments you have graciously situated in our state but because voodoo adherents are in power peace and joy have eluded your people. We keep scratching the itch while ignoring the leprosy and the anguish of your children increases daily. Nothing is working in Kogi state because all we are trying to do is force an impotent man to make love to a woman with nothing to show for it except bruises. The taskmasters are planting beans in the swamp which explains the confusion and ignominy that is now synonymous with Kogi state.
Law enforcers maintained with tax payers’ money are now principal defilers of the laws they were engaged to uphold with a crisis-induced stagnation as the end result.
Almighty God, you are Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient; let your mighty power manifest, let your all-knowing spirit expose the evil machinations against your people and your ever presence demonstrates your awesomeness as the secret deeds against your people are brought to light.
A labourer is supposed worthy of his wage but our supplementary rulers have callously denied Kogi state workers of theirs with the pauperization of civil servants. Instead of democracy we now have a strange form of government in Kogi state; monarchial decietocracy and all is obviously not well with the state and its long-suffering people. All that can be wrong is wrong with Kogi state and the agony is becoming unbearable for your people with mediocrity now elevated to the detriment of delivering democracy dividends to the people. Every facet of life of the average Kogite is now indirectly determined by the divination of prophets of Baal. Rise up in judgment and deliver your people to the glory of your name; visit the Emperor in Lugard Palace so that he will know the same awesome power that humbled Nebuchadnezzar lives still, remianeth the same and changeth not.
Thank you Almighty Father for answered prayers and we shall offer sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving when the vicissitudes of your people end.
– Apostle Lekan Aiyenigba

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