Sallah Celebration: Gov. Bello is A Threat to The Nascent Democracy – Temibi

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If after Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state has received intervention funds from the federal government which comprises of bail out fund, infrastructural and ecological funds, Paris club refunds plus the statutory monthly allocations that flow in every month he still fail to pay workers their entitlements, the governor can best be described as a threat to democracy and the worst thing that could ever happen in our national political history.

If after 2years in office, the governor still find it difficult to construct the round about he demolished, then Nigerians should know that a reincarnated Abacha is in power.

If after 2years of Gov. Bello led administration the issue of salary payment is still lingering in the state after the intervention of the federal government with the whopping amount of monies, then Kogites should all observe an hour mourning for their vampire governor.

I have watched with keen interest the egregious approach of Kogi state government, under the rulership of Gov. Bello, to its citizens and I keep thinking what is the exact offense we the people of Kogi state committed to the almighty God for giving us a man who I can call a disaster to the society of human beings.

Just by this time last year, during the commemoration of Sallah by our Muslim brothers and sisters, Governor Bello refused to pay workers their entitlements which led our Muslim brothers and sisters to celebrate Sallah that year in hunger. Today, the governor has adamantly refused to pay salaries as usual. Please what can we call this?

Just yesterday, I heard of how some disgruntled securities attached to the kogi state government brutally beat up a journalist whose offense is yet to be known till today, is this Kogi of our dream?

This is the governor who pays more attention at arresting anyone who criticize his unwanted policies thereby abandoning his primary onuses which has affected the people in one way or the other.

Governor Bello whose antics of leadership and his uncouth approach to issues that matters shamelessly announced that salaries can only be paid in fragments why he receive monthly allocations from the federal government every month.

It is so disheartening to note that the  over 64 special advisers to Gov Bello are just receiving  salaries without been devoted to their works.

I am now using this moment to urge the governor to quickly reshuffle and omit some of his special advisers who are only making monies out of the distress of the people as some of them lacks wherewithal to handle the job assigned to them.

Henceforth, if Gov Bello would want to maintain or be grateful for the mandate which was bequeathed to him out of sorrow, he should pay both the workers and the pensioners so that they can be able to feed themselves without engaging in criminalities and other aberration social vices.

He should put an end to the arrest of his opposition as arresting them will only do him bad than good.

He should be submissive to those who are ready to impact his brain with prerequisite political knowledge which can guide him in every aspect of governance.

Lastly he should first approach the general public on the needs to embark on any matter which he thinks can cause squabbles among the people and the government before taking a full decision.

God bless you as you’re ready to drink from the water of knowledge fetched by those who loves you.

God bless the State of confluence.

– Samuel Oj Temibi.

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