Request for a Standard Public Library in Okene: An Open Letter to Pharm Jamiu Asuku

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An Open Letter to Pharm. Abdulkareem Jamiu Asuku
The Chief of Staff, 
Governor of Kogi State, 


It is very sad to bring to your attention, Sir, that Okene Library is now a shadow of what is called Library that is meant for the purpose of learning and carrying out of educational activities. The Okene Public Library, which is the only public place in Kogi central where one could get books updated with current school curriculum, published books and other works has been abandoned with outdated books in dust- piling shelves.

I am writing on behalf of Education Task Force, the entire students body requesting for the equipping and renovation of Okene Public library for our school and general public. 

First and foremost, I want to sincerely thank you for all the assistance you have been rendering to our students and schools. Our students appreciate you, and the entire members of Education Task Force are proud of being associated with you. It is our belief that you will not relent in your efforts to give schools the best it needs to keep the flag of this great institution flying.

The effort you put up to meet the needs for less privileged students  still remains evergreen in our memory. We are grateful for it. 

Ebira students need a standard library in Okene, especially the abandoned Okene Public Library needs to be renovated and equipped. As our beloved educationist, we know that you can students the best so that they can continue to do everything possible to ensure that they continue to put in their best, in ensuring that they can have the best result every year. 

 Sir, you will agree with us that the importance of library in Okene cannot be over-emphasized. First, it will stop the habit of students from roaming about during their free periods. With the library renovated and equipped, no student will have the excuse for roaming the street of Okene. I know that the students will prefer to make use of the library adequately. 

 Secondly, the present age of technology calls for adequate information and knowledge to keep on updating our awareness on what is obtainable in the present age. We need standard textbooks on all the subjects offered in the school and computers so as to make the students computer literate. We would ever be grateful if you could provide the school with computers as one of the materials we need in the library. I want to assure you that if the school is provided with a well-equipped library, it will become one of the best schools in the country.

In addition, provision of a well-equipped library will further improve the reading culture which the schools management  are recently trying to inculcate on the students . You will agree with me that if Okene Public Library  is provided with a standard textbooks, students will no longer have any excuse whatsoever not to go there to borrow books and novels which they can read. 

We know that your government under your principal has embarked on a lot of projects; we believe the library need to be given a new face.  We believe that you and other prominent members of GYB from the central including the APC candidates can rebuild the library and equip it for the schools and the general public. 

We will be grateful, if this request granted. 

Yours faithfully,
Umar Adabara Abduljelil
Administrative Secretary, Education Task Force, Kogi Central

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