Re: PDP Youths Carpets Kogi State House of Assembly, Described Majority Leader Of The House A Fatal Error And An Embarrassment

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It’s pitiful to mankind the kind of delusion Austin Okai has fallen into. The delusion which is a result joblessness and non-lucrative-ness he was thrown into as soon as the current dispensation of Kogi State Government came on board.
It’s only a deluded young man that will;
1. Regard himself alone as “PDP YOUTHS.”
2. Not be objective enough to observe sound developmental activities and projects all in the name of mere sentiments like different political ideology, caucus and party.
3. Be so carried away with destructive criticism, hence not gathering enough information before engaging into bewildering comments just to think he wants to score political points.
4. Think he is more PDP than a serving Distinguished Honourable Member and Majority Leader of Kogi State House of Assembly, who rode into power as result of his loyalty, hardwrk, perseverance and selfless service on PDP’s flag.
5. Talk on the position of the Constituents (Kabba-Bunu) where is not from over the activities of their representative (Hon. K.O. Matthew) in the Assembly, whom they (Kabba-Bunu Constituents) are proud of.
6. Will fault a programme as laudable as ‘The All Kabba-Bunu Secondary Schools Quiz Competition’ organised and sponsored by Hon. (Prince) K.O. Matthew  just to score political points at the detriment of the innocent students who are the beneficiaries.
The list to proof the delusion of Austin Okai is endless, but let’s stop at this.
Austin Okai who is privileged (due to foul play) to be the Coordinator of PDP NYF, should not think he would lean on that and rub Nigeria Youths in mud which he is soaked. The mud he soaked himself  because feeding the belly is important and he got carried away by feeding it dis-honourably.
Austin Okai is so blind and has loose his mind that all he does is to purposely ignorantly liken anything that comes in form of ‘support’ to Gov. Y.A. Bello to failure, simply because he (Austin Okai) is a product of dwindling innate failure, looking for who to take along; he will continue failing because no matter the level of his baseless vituperations Hon. (Prince) K.O. Matthew will guide Gov. Y.A. Bello to victory in the course of a better Kogi independent of Political Party difference. .
It shows Austin Okai is to be awarded the colt of the year and he is an alien of his own claimed domain as he ignorantly accuses Hon. (Prince) K.O. Matthew for working against the PDP in the last gubernatorial election. Austin Okia, go to Kabba-Bunu PDP and get knowledge as regards.
Where was Austin Okai when the Hallowed Kogi State House of Assembly distinguished Honourable Members faulted the approach and result of the Civil Service Screening report due to feedback from their various constituents for the reports of the and officially called for the report of the screening exercise for further perusal.
All the above as stated has pointed out that Austin Okai is a delusioned agent to cause confusion and havoc in the Kogi State Socio-Political and Economy terrain, just because he/they was/were pulled out Governance democratically.
Austin Okai who got to be Coordinator PDP NYF by crook did not and cannot record any positives in the said office as he his synonymous to failure. In other words, Austin Okai is allergic to success and as such will always see the bad.
ABEL .O. Julius.

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