RE: Kogi Guber: Why We Can’t Endorse Gov. Yahaya Bello for Second Term

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It is important to discern that there is a parody recently uncovered which is aimed at soiling the momentary peace and tranquility being enjoyed within the  Kogi State All Progressives Congress Executives at all levels and to nip it in the bud once and for all before it gets out of hand – one of which is a pappy show by an individual alien to the legally recognized leadership of the Kogi State All Progressives Congress.

Today, I read with disdain that one Salam Tom Adejoh in an interview allegedly referred himself as the present Secretary of the Kogi State All Progressives Congress while spewing skulduggery, heedlessness and perfidy.

It behoves on me to encapsulate on what transpired during the reconciliatory meeting of Saturday, 22nd June, 2019 as it relates to the position of Mr Adejoh.

At the instance of the Kogi State Party Leader, Governor Yahaya Bello, peace returned to the Kogi State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) as the Alhaji Hadi Ametuo led group (one which Mr Adejoh belongs) resolved to work with the current State Executives headed by Hon. Abdullahi Bello ahead of the November 16 Gubernatorial Election in the State and beyond.

The Hadi-led group had made three key demands. Accepting the conditions of the group, the Governor assured them he will see to them all and that there were lots of benefits he will ensure they enjoy from the Party. To this end, Alh Hadi Ametuo on behalf of the same group he led declared that the whole issue between the two factions was all over, noting that the time to forgive & forget has come thereby capitulating to the Party Leadership of Hon Bello Abdullahi and his led Executives.

Going by the foregone, it is comprehensible that the peace deal was a vote of confidence, on the Party Executives led by Hon Abdullahi Bello and all within the Party that hitherto have been done.

It is relevant to accentuate that barely nine days back, the Party Stakeholders & State Executive Council had resolved to adopt the Indirect Party Primary mode having followed the due process as enshrined in our Party Constitution.

Mr Adejoh sounded sullen over the endorsement of the State Government by Traditional institutions in the State recently. You must realize that, it is the prerogative of (any) interest group(s), institutions or individual(s) to endorse their choice candidate on or before elections because it is thought to contribute to their electoral success. But to make it sound as though anyone obligated Mr Salam Adejoh Tom to endorse the Governor during the reconciliatory meeting is irritating and an acrobatic display of his unrepentance. It was not reported via any media too that anyone forced him or their group in any endorsement antics.

No Party Executive too is seen to have endorsed any candidate above the other before August 2019. It must be made public that the gates are opened to all aspiring aspirants and Kogi APC promises to be fair through the process. However, take the time to accept defeat, if you are defeated, and work with the party till fade.

What is accurate and verifiable is that Mr Adejoh and his colleagues promised to work with the government of Governor Yahaya Bello having accented to the Party Leadership of Hon Abdullahi Bello, State, Local Government and Ward Executives.

In his interview, Mr Adejoh copiously referred to himself as the substantive Secretary of Kogi APC even though he knows fully well that Mr Joshua O. Emmanuel is the substantive State Party Secretary. Mr Joshua O. Emmanuel contested for Secretaryship and his position like that of others was fully ratified by APC.

Mr Adejoh Tom Salam in this circumstance has committed the offence of Impersonation as defined and punishable under Section 484 of the Criminal Code and I am requesting security agents and relevant authorities in bringing Mr Adejoh Tom Salam to account.

Some of the immediate consequences of his action is that he has committed criminal infraction.

Mr Adejoh is not one of the Executives that participated in deciding the Direct mode for Presidential nomination, and Indirect for the nomination of the Senate, House Of Representatives and State Assembly candidates of the Party in 2018? All APC members and supporters should disregard the impersonator and trash his null talks in the bin.

Mr Tom Adejoh disgorged intentional falsehood against the government of Governor Yahaya Bello as poorly performing to which I will be responding.

Mr Adejoh Tom Salam, while you were away, putting into cognizance the meagre resources available to the State, Governor Bello of the APC:
In the area of infrastructural development, we started and completed the following roads; Kuroko – Inoziomi – Eika Ohizenyi road, Ohinoyi palace junction-GRA- Total road, Agasa Round About -Iruvicheba, Iruvochinomi Roads, AdaviEba – Ihima road; Ankpa Township road. There is the ongoing construction of Ibana-Okpo-Ikeje-Ogugu-Ete road; Umomi-Akpagidigbo-Ugwolawo-Ajaka-Idah Road; Ankpa-Emere-Enabo-Ola-Abejukolo Road; Agasa-Upogoroh road; Ijowa-IfeOlukotun road; Rehabilitation of Iyamoye/Ife Olukotun Ponyo, Jege, Ejuku Ijowa road which is 77km in distance.

In the Agric Sector, evident examples are the Omi Rice Farm,  Ejiba Confluence Rice Mill. There is the proposed establishment of Cashew and Oil palm processing factories.

Governor Yahaya Bello changed the security situations/challenges from what you use to know it to be to the second most secured state in Nigeria by putting up strategic and results fetching measures in combating crimes.

He Rehabilitated Kabba waterworks and reticulation, Idah waterworks, and Okene Water Works is ongoing.

Construction of Kogi State Revenue House; over 200% increase in the IGR of the state & employment of hundreds of Kogi youths into the restructured Kogi State Revenue Services.

Cleaning and Landscaping of Lokoja Metropolis, a process that have provided employment for little above 2000 Kogi youths at the State Capital.

9 States by statistics reduced unemployment in the last 3yrs in their State, Kogi is one.

Rehabilitation and Construction of Hostel blocks, at Kogi State College of Nursing and Midwifery, Obangede. Renovation of Kogi State House Assembly Complex. Construction of Forward Operational Base in Okene Kogi State. Employment of 6000 men and women of the Kogi State vigilante Services for Community Policing across the 21 Local Government Areas of Kogi State.

These and many more are evident giant strides of the APC-led New Direction Government anchored by Gov Yahaya Adoza Bello. I hope the list will help you socket reality to your speeches and take forthwith.

– Jibril Abu
State Publicity Secretary, Kogi APC.

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