Oseni for Kogi Governor: As Necessary as Water is to Human Survival

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The importance of water to human existence can not be overemphasized. Water is needed in every sphere of life from quenching thirst to quenching fire

Characteristics of water are numerous: gentle, loyal, cleanse, quench thirst, quench fire and loved by all. Above all, it is necessary for human survival.

At this critical time, Kogi State needs a replica of water as the number one citizen.

If truth must be told, the only one with the attributes of water as highlighted above is the present Senator representing Kogi Central, Senator Yakubu Oseni.

Gentility: I have never seen a gentle politician as Senator Oseni. He is one envied by all in these regard. It is on record that Senator Oseni prior to his victory in 2019 was the most abused senatorial candidate but he has never for once arrested anyone or directed an attack on anyone. “Let them insult me; please don’t retaliate. Their insults did not stop me from becoming a senator, so, it won’t also stop me from becoming the governor”, his words the day obtained his governorship nomination form.

Loyal: Water is loyal to the owner. It makes no noise and give no complaint of being used any way the owner wanted it. Senator Oseni is as loyal as water to his boss, Governor Yahaya Bello, and to his political party, the APC. It is rare to see a politician who is always comfortable with his boss’ decision as Senator Oseni. No one ever expected that Senator Oseni would not have issue with his party, the APC and his boss, GYB having asked him to shelf his ambition of returning to senate for another person. He was never perturbed, rather he worked for the victory of his party and all her candidates in the just conclude election, winning his polling unit and his ward. In his words “I was on my own when my boss, Governor Yahaya Bello asked me to represent my people at the red chamber, the same boss prior to 2023 asked me to shelf my ambition of returning to senate for my brother, Hon. Abubakar Sadiq Ohere. He, GYB has also directed me to go ahead and pick APC nomination form for Kogi State Governor come 2023, this I have just done believing that God is one who gives power and HE will do it through my boss, Governor Yahaya Bello, so that I can continue to touch lives”

Cleansing: Water is needed for cleansing of any form, be it bathing, washing, mopping and cleaning. Senator Oseni in his 4years as a Senator has cleansed the people of Kogi Central from poverty, joblessness, thuggery, and infrastructural decay. It is on record that the Senator has judiciously used his office to affect lives positively through job creation, youths and women empowerment and massive infrastructure. This is obvious in all nooks and crannies of Kogi Central. This is also extended to Idah, Kabba and Lokoja even though these areas are outside his constituency.

Quenching thirst: Water is mostly needed to quench thirst. So also Senator Oseni needed to quench thirst of who will perform as Governor Yahaya Bello and build on his legacies. It is on record that Governor Yahaya Bello has done excellently well in the major areas of governance: security, infrastructure and human welfare. At Kogi Central level, Senator Oseni is also known doing well in these areas, reason why some persons call him GYB at the grassroots. Him becoming the next governor of Kogi State will quench the thirst and worry of who will work like and do better than GYB.

Quenching fire: The battle of who becomes the next governor of Kogi State is on with several aspirants throwing tantrums at one another. If the best aspirant is not picked, it may disunite the party faithfuls before November Kogi State gubernatorial election (God forbids). The only person that can quench this fire is Senator Yakubu Oseni. His candidature will bring everyone together because he is the only person that everyone can work for at the moment without looking back. He has no issue with anybody within and outside his party. His candidature will be a better option for APC at this critical time.

Loved by all: Nobody hates water, nobody speaks ill of water. Water is loved and needed by all, same as Senator Yakubu Oseni. If anyone speak I’ll of SYO, it is surely politically motivated because deep down the person, no one has represented better than Senator Oseni in the history of Kogi Central.

– James Mohammed writes from Ajaokuta.

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