Opinion: When Will Gov Yahaya Bello Get It Right?

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It is already a year since the present Kogi state government inherited its office, making it the first Nigerian and democratic state in the modern world to produce a governor and a government by an inherited vote.

It is a thing of plenty pains and disappointment that such a privileged and opportuned government has permitted all forms of lapses in the state.
Well meaning Kogites like myself anticipated that the state was on the verge of development and growth, especially now that it is under the watch of a younger and supposed vibrant governor.
In fact, I personally thought that the government was God’s own way of salvaging the state. But today, we live in Kogi with plenty regrets, not only on the strong grounds that the governor has made himself a tyrant but also on the ground that the processes by which he has, and intends to continue administering the state are too poor and dangerous for a young state like Kogi.
The governor has failed to source for better ways to manage the civil service, and this has resulted to heavy hardship on the people.
It is too worrisome for a state, when its government can not within a year provide reasonable majors on how to comb and make its civil service function.
Like every other person who has been following this government, I think its approaches towards issues in the state are always poor and too shallow.
Issues like salary payment should be a priority to a government that has a concise plan for the state. The moment salary is address then every other thing begins to come into consideration. But the Yahaya Bello led government lost this prior idea and this has in return forced the state to this terrible end.
When the first phase of the bail out fund and the Paris club loan refund were released, it was an obvious indication that with such funds at the disposal of the state, getting it right will no longer be a challenge. But not so is the story today, the governor has totally mismanage this fund, though he has come out to say the money was judiciously used, but how judiciously was this done.
If the first bail out was well used, what are the visible proofs for this when we still have workers who have not been paid for 13 months. When we still have our tertiary institutions closed down, when we can not identify any project on ground apart from the few five and six kilometer road rehabilitation projects that has been awarded with stipends.
The governor lacks foresight and adequate concern for the welfare of the state, he finds it too had go give attention to the people and that’s why virtually everything in the state has deteriorated. That’s why the continuous suffering of the people means nothing to the governor.
His endless effort is just to enrich himself and save enough for the future. Oh yes I mean the forthcoming Election.
Bello has collected three months statutory allocations just for the year 2017, yet up till today we still can not tell the intentions of the governor and how he intends to spend this funds.
If Bello claim not to be exploiting the state, then what has been happening to our funds, why are we not seeing anything on ground.
These has prompted the question of when will Bello get it right, because the present trappings are not encouraging at all.
It’s so bad that his allies have refused to call his attention to doing what’s right, in other not to loss from his favor.
But let them know that all this is at the detriment of our dear state.
May God help Kogi state.
Usman Okai Austin 

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