Opinion: The New Borrowed Okun Political Culture

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I was visited by an APC friend who questioned my passiveness in the last few months. I let him know that Elesho has never decamped from PDP nor compromised his stand on principles. It is only that it pains to lose a brother. May John’s soul rest in perfect peace.

Okun Politics

In the past, say some 30 years back, no matter your age, Okun honors and protect the family names. We follow parties based on ideology. We hate stealing and corruption. We protect our community names. God bless people like late Chief Ayinmodu, JK Obaro, and the host of other honest politicians. 

 We do not beg for favour. We do not beg for money. We do not spend allocations meant for our people. We discipline erring youths. We do not give or approve positions to people based on patronage but on competence and integrity. Okun defends her people. We don’t ridicule them. We cover him in the public and chastise him at home.


Today, the situation has changed. Most of our sons and daughters who want to maintain this status quo are far away from politics but making their legitimate earnings from their sweats and knowledge.

It is then suffice to say that most of the political actors today are the frustrated elements who see politics as sole means of livelihood. They are used as thugs, black mailers, online attackers, praise singers etc. Because they know that they don’t have he credentials to attain political positions, they now resort to doing errand jobs for their senior or opportuned politicians to fix them to positions in order to buy their own cars and build houses which ordinarily they cannot achieve through personal struggles.

Very sad to see teachers and local government staffers who are denied of their full pay to become errand men for their oppressors. Many were given bikes and cars that they cannot fuel. At the end they sell them to cater for the days need.

The attitude of the few ones who used all dubious means to get to the top is worrisome. Allocations are diverted. Immediate families are their constituencies. They oppress people with peoples sweats. But instead of protests or disapproval from the oppressed, they are being honored with chieftaincy titles.

So sad is the situation that Nigeria  has refused to ask people to account for their wealth. You see a public officer on a monthly salary of N200,000 building multi million naira mansions. We praise them and seek all means to get our own shares from him.

I must let you know again that our genuine children are busy pursuing their careers and doing well. The school drop outs and the frustrated ones are known for this shameful acts.

A honorable member in the society is the one elected or appointed. Today most of our honorable are those who bought forms or failed at the primaries. The day that you signify your intention to contest, the day political beggars begin to patronise you. Sad.

The politician wins and runs away from home. Those who struggled for him will now be regretting their odd jobs done to make him win. The same way, the day they lose election, they disappear only to resurface in the next four years to try another chance of exploitation.

 Our political leaders are not left out. The only reason for seeking elective position is for self and family. They have no ideology. They jump from one party to the other to satisfy their ego. Some few of them are exempted. They are elected, they stay and cater for their people. Some had gone to the extent of even arresting and detaining people who criticize their actions. Some are even linked to political assassinations. So sad.

We need prayers so that our politicians will have change of hearts. We hear of these ills from far off states. Today, it is at our door steps. Political thuggery and assassination coupled with character assassination should be expunged from our political culture. 

Election is at the door steps. Many of these people are planning how to attack their opponents to win by all means. A family can have members in three parties and will live harmoniously. Why the sudden change in our culture. We know the right candidates, why can’t we join hands to vote them in for the benefit of our Okun people?

God help Okun land.

– Mr. Elesho Joseph Abiodun writes from Isanlu.

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