Opinion: Governor Lalong is a Compromising Shield!

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Leave him. Maybe if he’d kept quiet heaven would have fallen. But he chose the way of those who were in Oyo State in 2000 to harass Lam Adeshina, then Governor over misinformation that 68 Fulanis had been murdered.
Simon Lalong chose the path of those who went to Oyo in 2000 on misinformation that Fulanis were killed but have refused stepping on Benue soil when the real information of 73 murdered cases were reported.
You can’t stand for those who will not stand with you. ~Folaranmi~
Lalong should have known better that silence in the face of injustice is a crime but speaking for injustice where voice of reason and common should prevail is the mother of all crime.
Lalong chose his own path. I know it was a played script and foolishly, he acted it.
We see some of these things as they manifest before us and we wonder and may be ask, what do our “so called Leader” smoke when they make inflammatory, destructive and careless statements.
If you understood the politics of these guys in high places just now, you can revert to the interview Jonathan had where he said “he doesn’t give a damn”. That statement was a careless one and it came back gravely to hunt him.
The person of Governor Lalong should have known history and understood the times.
The latest one:
1. When the NNPC contracts brouhaha came up, they wanted Osinbajo to act the script, he had fell for it through Olaolu’s tweet, Osinbajo later denied ever approving any contract.
2. When Maina’s case came up, they wanted Head of Service  to act the script she refused
3. You see how they’ve pushed Femi Adeshina out in the face of this Benue stuff to be making statement – provoking in content. Where is Garba Shehu?
4. Audu Ogbe is now dancing from Ranch to Colony and Colony to Ranch. Turning everyone against their people and their religion.
5. You saw how they made Tinubu grant an interview that $1B is needed to fight Bokoharam. But Tinubu is wiser than that. He knows the game more than them summed up into collection.
But Lalong fell for it.
Lalong of everybody should’ve known that there was no anti grazing law in Abia and Enugu when scores were murdered by Fulanis, there was no anti grazing law when faraway in Delta State countless were murdered.
When they attacked Chief Olu Falae, what was the Law against Grazing in Ondo State?
In Benue, what laws were in place when those massacres and Killings were rife and almost daily. What laws were in place under GEJ when hundreds of people were profoundly massacred? Lalong should have been wise enough to know when to be a shield.
In Plateau State where he, Lalong have his suzerain, were there anti grazing laws when  scores were murdered, and it snowballed into communal and religious crisis?
As leaders Paradox should be a false-fact to you. Two different things (True and False) can never be the same. ~Folaranmi~
How can you stand up from Katsina to Oyo on false information and you are unfazed and nonchalant about real and undoctored information that has sent the whole North-central panicking. You have not deemed it fit to visit Benue! To empathise and identify with the people. You are stuck?
Oh my! Never have we seen it this soulless!
This time calls for more serious and collective barricade against this barbarism and corporate cleansing.
And may be Audu Ogbe would elucidate and educate us more on his colony proposal for herdsmen.
– Henry Francis Folaranmi writes from Lokoja.

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