Opinion: Boda Dino, We Sent You To Senate to Make Laws and Not to Compete With Baba Suwe

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This is the first time the urbane and well-educated people of Kogi West senatorial district will be represented in the upper chamber of the national assembly by a man of low estate.

I was aghast when I saw Dino entering the Senate chambers today in an embarassing garment that looked like a gown meant for apprehentice’s freedom. I heard some persons saying he wore graduation gown, for where? That is not Ahmadu Bello University’s convocation gown! It looks more like an apprehentice tailor’s freedom gown.

No past federal representative, senator, member house of representatives or minister from Kogi West has been questioned on his academic qualifications. Not even the retired General Ogbeha, who would have been excused for being a military man, had cause to defend his academic qualifications. Haba Dino!

Kogi West is known for producing top class, highly rated intellectuals who can walk shoulder to shoulder with their peers nationally. Talk of former minister for Health, Professor Eyitayo Lambo; former Minister for Industries, Kola Jamodu; former Minister for Justice, Chief Bayo Ojo SAN and a host of others. They discharged their duties with candour, finesse and unquestionable integrity. This is what we are known for.

The same zone that produced great intellectuals and well cultured representatives like Senator Joe Obasaju, Senator Justus Olu, Senator Sunday Awoniyi, Senator Tunde Ogbeha and Senator Smart Adeyemi is currently ashamed of her current senator, Dino Daniel Jonah O. Melaye – a bundle of confusion!

The immediate past Senator from Kogi West, Smart Adeyemi was in the senate for 8 years and it is on record that no other senator had a better plenary attendance like Smart Adeyemi. While other senators were absent in the chambers and absent in their constituencies, Smart was a committed lawmaker and a passionate constituency man. Smart Adeyemi moved more motions than any other senators during his eight year stint in the senate. His constituency office is well – known and accessible in Kabba, the headquarters of his senatorial district. Smart Adeyemi’s constituency projects are still there for all to see.

The above paragraph is just a prelude to the comparisms going on in Kogi West between the latter and the former.

Boda Dino, I saw your video where you were busy singing derisively and acting like an adult deliquent. This is alien to Kogi West culture and societal norms. We voted for you to represent our interest in the senate, make good laws for the people and not to market your Baba Suwe skills. Currently, you are abusing our seat in the senate.

Boda Dino, your last two years in the senate can best be described as demonstration of an underaged senator who stand to amuse others anytime he forgets his ‘intellectual diapers’.

Boda Dino, national assembly is meant for serious minded leaders and not clowns who are looking for platforms to market their comedy skills. We are upset and are fast making our minds to send you to National Film Institute in Jos come 2019 so you can learn the art of comedy and get equipped to practically compete with your contemporary, Baba Suwe in the Nollywood.

On a final note, Boda Dino, Stop embrassing us!

– Balogun Abisoke 

Lokoja , Kogi state.

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