Okun Development Association Election; Setting The Records Straight

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As we draw close to the Oct 14 2017 date of the election of new set of Executives to pilot the affairs of Okun Development Association, it becomes imperative to highlight some salient points to serve as guide to the public and delegates alike. History they say is meant to guide our future endeavors.
The Okun Development Association (ODA) was founded in the year 1978. The pioneer president then was Late Mr. Adekunle O. Laniyan, who was an indigene of Orokere Amuro in the defunct Oyi Local Government, now Mopamuro LGA of Kogi State. His Vice President then was one Mr.’Sade Dare from Kabba. it is worthy of note that the Exco lasted for so many years and later became redundant.
However after so many years of redundancy, it was then decided by a group Okun people to reactivate the Association and they succeeded in bringing it to life once again. At this time, the president of this noble Association was then zoned to Kabba/Bunu and one late Chief Kayode Aka from Kabba was elected as president at the Mopa conference of 1983. it is worthy of note that like a child’s play Chief Aka spent Nine (9) years  in office as ODA President.
History has it that the Association became dormant once againas a result of partisan politics. In an attempt to bring the Association back to life, a parallel organisation was formed at that time known as “Oyi Indigene”.
After many years of inactiveness of ODA , some prominent Okun personalities felt there was a need for Okun people to have a unified voice once again. in view of this, another Okun conference was organised in 2001 and Chief E.O Otitoju from Iyamoye in Ijumu LGA was elected as president. His tenure was considered as the most successful in the history of the Association which also lasted for nine years. Okun as an ethnic group was reckoned with far and wide during his tenure.
In 2010, another conference was organized at Isanlu in Yagba East Local Government Area of the State. where the incumbent President, Ambassador Babatunde Fadumiyo was Elected as President. He’s a native of Igbagun in Yagba East L.G.A.
As Amb. Fadumiyo’s tenure  expires in October 2017, as  an elective conference has being fixed fo October 14  to elect a new Exco.  The conference is tentatively scheduled to take place at St. Augustine’s College, Kabba.
By the rotation agenda of the Association, The president is now zoned to BIK Federal Constituency, and Kabba/Bunu precisely.
The essence of this write-up therefore is to enlighten the delegates that, though the post of the president is zoned to BIK, It is expected that naturally, Bunu District be allowed to produce the next president of the Association. more so, that Kabba and Ijumu has occupied this post in the pas for a protracted number of years as exposed in the write-up.
This write-up is however not meant to discredit anyone from contesting, it is just an attempt to put the records straight on the leadership tussle of the Association’s president – as it is a good thing to be transparent in whatever we do.
Roll call of ODA Presidents:
– Oladele Samuel writes from Kabba.

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