Nov 11 Poll: APC Raises Security Alert in Mopamuro, Accuse Ex-Military Officer of Evil Plots

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  • They are jittery – Retired Navy Commodore

The electorate in Kogi State are fully set to exercise their franchise come November 11, 2023 to elect their next governor who is to assume office on January 27th, 2024.

However, the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Mopamuro local government said it has discovered that a retired Commodore is harboring some set of persons well kitted in the Nigerian Army uniform in his residence at Orokere Amuro (ward 06).

According to the Ward 06 APC Media Team, information gathered suggested that these set of persons were not officially posted to the local government area.

The APC queried how they got pass from their various barracks.

“If at all they are Nigerian soldiers is not known. The Commodore’s intention is to cause commotion in ward 06 of the local government area by creating phobia in the electorate so that they would not be able to come out enmass to exercise their franchise. He is perpetrating this evil because he already knows that his party would lose,” they alleged.

The APC in the ward called on government, appropriate authorities and the general public to note the illegal act being carried out by the Commodore in the area for being a Naval Officer in the past.

The APC stakeholders in the Ward said they are not scared of the antics of the retired Commodore, but just to call the attention of the appropriate authorities to the illegal act. They vowed to come out enmasse to vote their party and candidate, Alh. Ahmed Usman Ododo in the November 11 poll.

Reacting to the allegation, the only retired Navy Commodore in Orokere Amuro and former lawmaker, Hon. Folusho Daniel, urged Kogi Reports to ignore APC’s “rantings”.

Commodore Folusho described the allegations as frivolous, vexatious and one borne out of frustration.

“To my knowledge, if any military person leaves his unit without permission, the law takes its effect. Such are declared ‘Awol’. Why should anyone not in the Military be concern with the internal administration of the Miltary? I am not aware of any law that precludes the Military men from voting if they have the chance to do so.

“Again, the law is clear and very specific on the wearing of uniforms on election day. Only those on duty can wear uniform to the polling arena on election day. Anybody who contravene this law should be apprehended. So, let the complainant wait till the election day, to arrest those who may wear uniform illegally to election place.

“In conclusion, don’t forget that APC in Kogi has been ranting that the security personnel are against them. This is one of such ranting as they are seriously caged from using their thugs to disrupt the election. This could be their reason for this frivolous and jittery report. This is one of their serial lamentations as every opportunity to rig is being denied them,” he said.

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