Lokoja I: In Search of Rt. Hon. Imam’s Successor

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As the popular saying goes, a journey of 1000 miles begins with a step. The journey into 2019 that will lead us to get a credible, suitable and trustworthy person that will take Lokoja | constituency  to greater heights is no doubt a journey that the people of Lokoja are eager to undertake with a leader that will wear the shoes that Rt Hon Umar Ahmed Imam will remove and not only that but a committed, hardworking, dedicated, selfless, intelligent, corrupt-free, and promising personality.

Now that we are fast moving towards 2019, it will not be out of order to draw our attention to go back to the drawing board to revisit the actions and inactions of our representatives to enable us know who among them deserves to be elected and who deserves re-election  based on performances or who will take over from those that have completed their constitutional four years in office like the case of Rt Hon Umar Ahmed Imam.

In the present era of democracy and political consolidations, where individuals and groups are making desperate efforts to capture or win the support and cooperation of their people diplomatically in order to actualize their political missions, others are busy designing ways and strategies to deceive their people to perpetuate themselves in office.

It is the belief of the majority of Lokojans that the best person that will wear the shoes of Rt Hon Umar Ahmed Imam  and continue with the good works of taking Lokoja | constituency  to the next level of development and better representation is Lukpan Of Lokoja, Hon Suleiman Babadoko, a rare politician and successful business tycoon.

Babadoko is so versatile in policy options associated with public private partnerships, public finance initiative and other modern representatives  related issues that will make Lokoja | constituency  a shining star in the State.

He is generous, easygoing, accessible, humble, hardworking, educated and highly disciplined business man of international repute as attested by his associates, Babadoko is the right person for the office of the state assembly.

These and other qualities of Suleiman Babadoko were seen, tested and provided a positive impact on Lokoja | Constituency when he was appointed as executive Secretary of Kogi State Pilgrimage board during the Gov Ibrahim Idris administration. He restructured the board to function efficiently in meeting the needs of the people of Kogi state. The restructuring also ensured the provision of more jobs to the teeming youths in his constituency to travelled to Saudi Arabia for greener pasture.

He extended a similar gesture to the people and youths of Lokoja when he was elected to the state house of assembly during the 2011 election. Babadoko who carries the good people of Lokoja | constituency along, providing them a means of livelihood.

He also provides scholarship to deserving students of his constituency  who are studying in various universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education across the country. He also bought JAMB, NECO, and WAEC forms for distribution free to candidates as well as pay for the training of youths on various skills acquisition programs at the end of which those they are empowered with working tools and money to set up their own businesses.

These gestures cut across all the 5 Wards of the Constituency devoid of tribe, religion or political affiliation. It is based on merit. “Gurza” Man of the people, as described by majority of Lokoja, Babadoko’s virtues of modesty, compassion and humaneness endear him to his people and, of course, make him the best among all the people aspiring for Lokoja | House of assembly election.

Babadoko once said that his representation will bring all stakeholders in the constituency  together to proffer solutions to poverty, inequality,  economic development.

He said human capital development shall also be his priority.If given the chance to be re-elected, Babadoko will ensure the provision of opportunities that will empower the youths to set up small scale business and the eradication of illiteracy by providing qualitative a education in the constituency.

We must agree to work together in order to achieve our goals. The imperative need for the moment is to take the bull by it horns, by way of taking concrete steps towards peace and stability of the young and promising Lokoja constituency  and its people. We can no longer be left behind in the scheme of things in this State.

This is a clarion call on Lokojans come 2019. It is on record that Rt. Hon Imam, in his Four years in office, has achieved a lot in the areas of Youths and women empowerment, education, water supply etc.

Therefore, the need to search for a successor who will take over Imam’s good works for the development of the constituency  cannot be over-emphasised and  that individual is the “Lukpan Of Lokoja”, Hon Suleiman Babadoko, who will make a difference going by the track-record of Suleiman Babadoko whose philanthropical life style is to create wealth for people and to live a life of service to the little or much he has gotten, not living a life of personal aggrandizement; accumulating wealth for inordinate ambition and sentiment-soaked glory.

His brotherly character has translated to a huge Leadership feat that the constituency cannot afford to miss him again in the coming 2019 elections.

– Abbas Yahaya

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