Still on the Hellish Cost of Living in Kogi State

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  • Just as things have fallen apart and the people are no longer at ease in the state.

It goes without saying that the less prividged and the poorest of the poor in Kogi State, are presently on the verge of annihilation from this planet

I’m only putting it mildly so that I don’t create panic in the society.

As at today, our worse fear scenario is already staring us in the face.

Life is getting hellish, shorter and brutish.

Just as it has been confirmed severally by the unbelievable and strange statistics released by the NBS, living in any part of the state is like living in hell.

The State is gripped in a miasma of harsh economic environment and quagmire, as the prices of everything is staying permanently at the roof tops climbing towards the blue sky.

There is a display of insanity by market women and men,fuel marketers,spare parts sellers and other service providers.

What is happening every where is like the ameagadum is here already.

Ordinary gari is no longer within the reach of everybody and it is very scarce in the markets.

Nobody can convince me that the middlemen in the markets are not devil reincanates.

Where the hell are these murderers coming from?

Are they collectively on a mission to kill everybody and smile to the bank?

Transport fares have gone up.

The cost of essential commodities is climbing the mount everest in the market place

Price of drugs have been increased significally.

The drug I used to buy in lokoja for 2500 naira is now 12000 naira.

The poor can no cry because all their tears have dried up.

Living in Kogi state is far worse than living in any war ravaged countries like Syria,South Sudan and Afghanistian .

As a federal pensioner my pension has been messed up by the activities of ruthless and shylock marketers in Kogi state.

Viewed against this background therefore,it is very imperative for the Kogi State governor to stamp his feet on the ground before these mad marketers throw the entire state into widespread anarchy and civil unrest.

This incurable affliction of evil demons must stop.

The Ibo communities living peacefully in the state should talk to themselves .

Who the hell do they think they are?

Please let there be a cure for their insanity.

Enough should be enough.

– Otori Ozigi writes from Okene, Kogi State.

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