Library 2.0 and Emergence of Blockchain Information Services

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Library as we all know is an institution charged with the primary responsibility of acquiring, organizing, preserving and dissemination of information at a very quick time and space. 

The evolution of Information Communication Technology (ICT) has brought a radical change in every profession including Librarianship making its services more robust, efficient and reliable.

The application of computer and its network have brought a lot of changes in Librarianship and library services to users. Users are now celebrating library as a result of easy access to library collections and locations with the aim of adopting to any changes that may arise at any point in time. 

Library 2.0 is one of the changes we experience in the field of Library and Information Science which many refers to as social media library because it features and trends in service delivery via social media applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Imo and so on in acquiring, organizing, preserving and disseminating of information to a larger society at very quick time and space. 

As the world is fast growing and changing with the help of ICT, library and Librarianship were not left out. The contemporary ICT breakthrough called blockchain digital evolution (cryptography) has prompted me with this article letting everyone know that Librarianship has also secured a better place in the contemporary ICT advancement. 

Cryptography has to do with a pure digital means of creating and sharing of ideas and other valuables under a heavy secured environment. 

The blockchain/cryptography application in library and Librarianship will help to promote intellectual property rights and prevent abettors from taking possession of other people’s intellectual content works. Cryptography has succeeded in the financial sector given birth to cryptocurrecy, bitcons, M36 and e-Naira. 

Also, it has succeeded in means of acquiring, organizing, preserving and disseminating a well secured information to the larger society without any third party interference through e-wallet. 

To cap it all, the emergence of blockchain (cryptography) has brought changes in Librarianship, information and security which will help in controlling an effective management of information and users. 

Proliferation and emanation of ideas from untrusted sources will be properly handled and put to an end. 

– Adabara Abdulhadi A. 
Graduate of LIS, Federal Polytechnic Offa.

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