KSU Strike; ASUU Is Inconsiderate

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I have decided to follow the happenings since the strike began and up till this moment.  I chose to be a seasonal writer to watch and take records of the measure of wrongs either from the state government or from a body called ASUU in Kogi state.
The state government has given several promises which at the end were not actualized; we took to the street and on the media to criticize the government. We all poured our heart full of anger and dissatisfaction on the government for every failed promises.  But as at now, the rays of light are strongly beaming towards a body called ASUU whose wrongs are obvious now, I can’t imagine ASUU will still continue this worthless and inconsiderate strike which they termed unity among themselves, after which the state government has appeared on the school ground in a humble style to plead with the body. Yet the body is still agitating for the continuity of the strike by giving conditions that are not rigid in their congress today. What pay does this give to the student if we can be out of school for months now?
What has the body achieved so far, if not for selfish gains at the detriment of the student academics? And you will still be paid for months you didn’t work for. This is unfair, ASUU is wrong.
The body should wake up now and consider the student, the student are the once you are rendering services to and if the body continues like this, are we still helping the student, of course NO.  We understand you can’t teach with an empty stomach but must this evil continue?  A semester is gone and the rot is still counting, what a pity and
heartless situation.
On the part of the state government, I personally appreciate you and commend your effort towards revamping the educational sector and on your tour round the state owned tertiary institution. Your promises in the sector are not really coming into reality and being fulfilled. You have promised the state owned tertiary institutions of so many things, we need to see them well defined and structured on a table for people to see and believe, we are in the era of make and believe (practical one). The media today has been used to navigate people mind from the truth behind, this must not be part of your government. A spade must be called a spade. I beseech you as a human with feelings to settle the ASUU before the end of this month as promised so that this heartless situation will not be used against you in 2019 sir as a whole lot of this affect the students most, it is uncalled for. Your government seems to be characterized by using millions of money which would have been used to settle workers and pensioners as ruled out by the deputy senate president, this frivolous and extravagance spending must stop, they must be channeled into other areas.
By Abraham Oshoke

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