Opinion: The Urgent Need Of Our Various Communities in Kogi State

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It is obvious that the community needs are insatiable, but despite that, the need of every society is clearly known to those who are willing and able to satisfy their needs.

For instance, it is necessary for the teacher to know the level at which each individual child operates and design school tasks that suit each level.

The question is, what is our Government doing to meet the needs of our communities?

The need of every community is clearly defined, some are in need of Bore-hole, (T o have a portable drinking water) to others, Good road, Electricity ETC.

With the following Aforementioned, if properly done, the community would rejoice and   said there’s a Good Governance. Don’t forget, Good Governance take place when the people of that environment rejoice owing to pattern in which they are being governed and how their needs are been met.    Unfortunately, the reverse is the case with the Government of Kogi  state .  All we are haven all over Kogi  and Nigeria in general are social media marketers who specialized in praising their political godfathers in government whether they performed or not while the people they represent drink from the flowing river.

A hinter land where I came from (EFFIKELEGWU ABOCHO) we have a flowing river, and in that river the water is flowing from unknown source, the community before ours baths and watched their cloths with it, while to some others is their sources of drinking water.

I’m appealing to the Government of kogi state to go deep in to a remote and undeveloped  community and meet  their needs, by providing social amenities for them. Because, whether they like it or not, a large part of their work is community service.

In addition, the work of  state Government consist in working with the groups / community and not with self esteem individual whose aims is to enrich his /her pocket claiming to represent his or her community.

As saying goes, there’s a proverb that says ,  if you don’t want your hand to be black stay away from roosted yam , because a  goat that fraternize with dog  will soon learn to eat excreta . As a Governor , you don’t need individual social media marketers , let your developmental project speak for you , get close to the  community  where there’s no bore-hole  dig for them ,where they have no good road to take their farm produce to the market embark on road project in that community , where they  need light construct a pool and draw light for them .

With the following suggestion your developmental project would speak for you: Avoid the following is a bad image

  • Sharing of rice (2) Sharing of Maggi (3) Sharing of wrappers.

In every community, as far as kogi is concern we are a farmer, we have cassava, yam and okpeye. We are grateful to God for that, in every community we are use to okpeye not maggi , in comparison okpeye is natural . All we need from Government of yahaya Bello is developmental project /community service without sentiment in respective of the LGAs ,  not the sharing of rice ,maggi, and wrappers etc is not helpful.

– Haruna Faruna Alfa


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