Kogi West 2019: Letter of Intent to Contest Senate Election by J.O. Yusuf

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For a long time now, I have been involved in Nigeria’s political system as an advocate for good governance.  For sometimes also, I was engaged as an operative of the system at the highest political level. Both roles which are not mutually exclusive have put me at vantage points to understand and appreciate what may be done to improve the quality of services which when rendered could shift the frontiers of social and economic development for the country and improve the welfare of the people. For a long time, it has been my desire to put this at the disposal of the people.


I have always been interested in serving the masses of the people with the knowledge and experience that it has pleased the Almighty God to endow me with. Serving the people may be in the legislative, executive or in the civil society sector. As an advocate for good public policy, the trade unions, student unions, community development organisations and NGOs have, at different times or simultaneously, been my platform.

As a political operative, working with a Minister and Deputy Chief of Staff in the presidency have afforded me some opportunity to make contribution to governance generally and public administration. In all these, the utilitarian principle of the greatest good for the greatest number has been my unfailing guide.
At this point in historical time, it is my considered opinion that what is needed most, for Nigeria to achieve good governance, are good laws which describes and prescribe what is permitted and what is prohibited legally in the governance process. To a large extent, Nigeria, the giant of Africa, is reeling and prostrate on the ground because of the failure of the legislature in the country to enact the type of laws that are needed to take Nigeria out of the woods and lift her up to the next level.
Kogi West Senatorial District as a component part of the country’s political economy has similarly been affected by the country’s malaise and affliction. Even though the Kogi West Senators in their various ways have made contributions to social progress in the District, far more remains to be done. It is my firm believe that I, Jibril Olu Yusuf, from Yagba East Local Government Area of Kogi State, am capable of adding more value to what the preceding Senators have done. And it is to achieve this that I am seeking the Senatorial ticket of Kogi West Senatorial District on the platform of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), so help me God. Amen
– Jibirl Olu Yusuf.
Ejuku (Ward 05), Yagba East LGA
Kogi State.

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