Kogi State and Management of COVID-19

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In the past few weeks, Kogi state government have started precautionary moves against the spread of the Covid-19 that are applaudable in the midst of the ravaging global pandemic situation of the Corona Virus. Amongst which is the immediate closure of schools, public gatherings number limited to 30 individuals, market closures, control of vehicular and human movements across the several routes passing through Kogi State borders and several others. But interestingly that would not be enough to curtail the spread of the virus in the state effectively considering world global practice of preventive washing of hands, sanitization and other informative knowledge. 

A visit across Kogi State in the last few days would truly provide an evidence of stay at home order been averagely complied with rightly but not 100% obeyed. Questions like: How well is our locals in the rural areas fully informed with preventive knowledge? Are health workers properly and fully trained to handle emergencies? How well prepared are our health centres in case of massive infection, particularly in the rural settings? How well is our transport system laws in the face of the epidemic to properly control and avoid spread? These plus several others are questions still begging rightly for answers.

Meanwhile, at this point in time I believe the government of the state  through the Ministry of Health and Environment, aside just making government policies, should partner with Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to make available massive numbers of hand sanitizers, protective nose masks and other facilities to the populace for preventive measures. And use them in partnership with other health workers in the state to provide fast, efficient and make available informative knowledge against spread of the disease in the state.

I was recently informed by a close friend of mine that Kogi State strategic approach to nipping this unusual ailment in the bud. It is more of “containment move”, meanwhile, the state is yet to record a single case. He further said the approach to be adopted should rather be of “prevention” which entails providing strategic information and hand washing/sanitizers facilities across designated points in the state rather than shutting down the entire state economy and sending panic to the minds of an average Kogite.

– Akinrinde Julius writes from Jege, Kogi State.

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