Kogi Crisis: Need for Elders’ Prompt Intervention – Reps Member

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For sometime now, general discourse amongst Nigerians have centred around Kogi State. The Confluence State has been in the news for wrong reasons. Almost on a regular basis, the media; print, electronic and social, has focused on the on-going development in our dear State. Nigerians are treated to a collage of unsavoury incidents that are patiently grievous and inimical to the overall well-being of kogites.
Indeed, it is painful that issues which started as disagreements between Two Brothers, Friends and fellow partymen; who somehow believe that their respective approaches will bring growth and development of Kogi State, have risen to an unimaginable proportion of crisis. This has led to preponderance of violence, arson and brigandage, as indigenes and residents now live in perpetual fear, worry, anxiety and apprehension.
The unfortunate and avoidable development; that has given Kogi State negative image, got to its crescendo Monday 12th June, 2017, whence lives were lost in Lokoja. Though there are varied media reports about what transpired, it is disturbing and saddening that lives of innocent Kogites were wasted in the violent skirmishes.
One begins to wonder why Kogi State is in such pitiable condition. It is very appalling that a State endowed with vast and massive yet-to-be tapped natural resources is experiencing mass poverty, economic degeneration and social disequilibrium. It is sad that a State; blessed with people of high moral standards, pedigree, antecedents, honour and integrity that have serially distinguished themselves as enviable assets in Nigeria and the world, is today clothed in a garb of violence, unending crisis, social disorder and immoral vices.
As a proud and bonafide citizen of the “Confluence State”, I am deeply worried about the on-going negative development. The resultant effects of this simmering crisis portend grave danger to the fortunes of our dear State. That the situation at-hand will be inimical to the political, social and economic development of Kogi State, is an understatement.
Varied empirical studies have shown that no group, community, state or country can experience meaningful growth and development in a situation where arson, violence and brigandage reigns. These and other negative tendencies will not only stifle greater and further dimension of societal, geographical and attitudinal challenges, which may at the end, ignite and kick-start continued and accelerated decline. Painfully, Kogi State seems to be on a swift voyage to this level of permanent underdevelopment.
Indeed, the continued gale of confusion, counter-accusation, controversy, discord, vilification and violence deployed by the two camps is not the template for growth, development and transformation of Kogi State. It is in realisation of this potential danger staring our dear State, that I passionately APPEAL to Governor Yahaya Bello, Senator Dino Melaye, their supporters and other aggrieved people from both sides, for utmost caution, restrain and order in their actions, reactions and activities.
This appeal has become necessary, to avoid a situation whereby Kogites may become victims of collateral damage caused by the on-going infraction, controversy and fierce discontent between the two opposing sides. The people of Kogi State do not wish for more loss of innocent lives, destruction of properties, serial political instability, uncertainty and apprehension that has pervaded the length and breadth of the “Confluence State”, in the past months.
The time to re-direct the narrative of our dear State is NOW. To experience meaningful growth and development, the collaboration of ALL, regardless of status, background, party affinity and religion, is very crucial and germane. We CANNOT achieve and attract positive development in a situation whereby there is disorder, crises, confusion and uncertainty.
To RIGHT the WRONG, progressively work and forge ahead as One big happy family, I use this medium to call on ELDERS and LEADERS of Kogi State to do the NEEDFUL. For me, this is a clarion call to all our ELDERS, FATHERS and MOTHERS, from the Three Senatorial Districts to initiate an all-inclusive and broad-based process that will bring about an END to this sordid and despicable decline in Kogi State.
Our Elders and Leaders CANNOT afford to sit on the fence, watching their sons and supporters engage in an endless controversy that may consume our dear State. Their prompt intervention is absolutely NECESSARY and IMPERATIVE NOW, than ever before.
One is happy that Kogi State is not and never in short supply of men and women of impeccable character, proven honour and enviable integrity, that can stand up to this challenge. Our Statesmen should; at this point, emulate their friends, colleagues, associates, acquaintances and counterparts from other States across the country, who in times past, have risen to same and/or similar challenges in their respective States of origin.
I am confident that Statesmen, Elders and Leaders from Kogi State will stand up to this challenge by ensuring prompt intervention and reconciliation. I strongly believe that as responsible parents who are responsive to their God-given assignments as our earthly guides, Kogi Statesmen will deploy their legendary resourcefulness to bring amicable and peaceful resolution to the on-going crisis, which will be the turning point in our collective quest for meaningful transformation of the “Confluence State”.
God bless us, all, Amen.
– Hon. Yusuf Tajudeen (TeeJay)
Member, Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency
Chairman, Committee on Capital Market & Institutions

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