Kogi-born Azyben Presents New Movie, ‘Touch A Soul’

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The veteran and skillful actor, designer and stage presenter, Peters Isaiah is set to release a new movie, ‘Touch A Soul’.

The new movie was inspired by a true life story of a young man that lived through the odds in Kogi State

Peters, popularly known as Azyben, his new project, TOUCH A SOUL, is a brief true life story of a young boy who had to grow through circumstance he never wished or pray to taste. He said the explicitly brief story is targeted at sensitising and awakening the whole world, old and young, rich and poor on the need to strive to sow a seed in a soul.

Azyben is the founder and president of Galaxy City Crew, one of the fastest growing television comedy house in North Central Nigeria. He is also the creative founder of one of the popular fashion designing centre, Azy Clothing, based in Kogi state.

He is purposeful, passionate, creative and dreams-driven. He grew to seeing himself trying to get engaged in whatever idea he dare to dream about.

According to him, many times he has dug and met rocks which make digging further very much uninteresting but passion, dreams and purpose has its way of telling him to try a little more. Consequently, the little trials has always placed him on the winning side. He had his frustrating moments in life, dejected and rejected but he never lost hope of becoming everybody’s favourite artiste and designer.


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