Odih Daniel and His Enemuneme Protagonists Are The Real Enemies of Igala Race

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It is public knowledge that the ‘ENEMUNEME’ protagonist in their usual slogan are out to sow the political seed of discord amongst our people even as we approach yet another election year.
This seeds of discord can only germinate on the desolate altar of the traitorous gullible citizens of Kogi East Senatorial Districts with acute and severe lost of identity of those renegades (ENEMUNEME) protagonists and not on the fertile altar of the masses of our people whose sovereignty they had already impugned with reckless impingement.
The villainous political herdsmen in the seat of power and their imbecilic surrogates are out with their campaign of calumny targeted at discrediting their perceived political opponents whose political sagacity and influence they cannot stand.
The scandalous political gimcrackery of the Yahaya Bello led administration to perpetuate themselves in office is a joke taken too far as we are poised to deflate, puncture and dislodge their abysmal political misadventure in the State.
We have noted with shock the naked lies and falsehood that was being sarcastically manufactured and peddled against Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji whose selfless service to the Igala race is second to none.
To set the records straight,we are here to refute and disprove their unsubstantiated and unguided claims that Dr. Victor Adoji is far from his people and as such he is not a man of the people.
Just a week ago, Dr.Victor Alewo Adoji was at Imane in Olamaboro LGA for a wedding ceremony of one of our own. It was a momentous occasion to behold as his presence was greeted with a deafening sound and standing ovation for a cerebral celebrity with grandeur and royal glamour.He is more closer to the people than they wanted us to believe as he was also at the Ocho festival at Ata’s Palace Idah,on the 19th of May 2018.
Victor Adoji has paid his dues to the cause of our people in every sense of the word as he has done very well by championing the education of the indigent citizens of our land as well as fostering the unity of our people through the various socio-cultural organization in Igala land.
To further buttress my points, it is on records that when Gabaidu came to Lagos some times early this year, Dr Victor Alewo took charge of all the bills giving Ata the best royal patronage he deserved.
Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji has built and renovated primary and secondary schools across Igala land and there are substantial evidence to support this laudable cause as opposed to your misguided position about the erudite Doctor.
As a matter of fact, Victor Adoji is a household goods with indelible mark in all homes as far as Igala land is concern. The facts speaks for themselves as you take a journey home today.
We therefore urge the general public and our teaming supporters to disregard the orchestrated attacks against Dr.VA Adoji  by this traitorous political quislingism anchored by poltroon and renegades bootlickers with their recreant and venomous parochial chicanery to score cheap political point.
We will not condone this balderdash, gibberish and megalomaniac ranting from this deluded and megalomaniac individual with macrocephaly and piggish disposition. The folly of their evil permutations would be exposed and our people shall know the truth.
Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji has never been in government yet he has demonstrated his love for our land in diverse ways even as a private individual.
That said, can Mr Odih Daniel N. tell us his contributions to his immediate community and by extension Igala land?
Empty vessel they say makes the most noise.
If you prefer Jibrin Echocho who sold the Igala Nation just for a pot of porridge to GYB and his cronies to represent us at the Senate, then be rest assured that you will all fail as GYB cannot buy all of us.
We will not condescend to stoop so low as to dance the dance of shame because we believe that there would not be another Prince Abubakar Audu to die for Bello to inherit votes anymore.
We will resist any form of  electoral fraud and abuse of power by the government of the day through due diligence  and by all legal means possible if pushed to the wall before,during and after elections.
Let there be level playing ground where issues and personality based campaign could be entrenched through active involvement by all candidates as opposed to intimidation, imposition and political rascality that would help no one at the end of the day.
Finally, we want Mr Odih Daniel N. to present his candidate to the people if he is sellable after romancing with the notorious government of Yahaya Bello that is on collision course.
The government that cannot pay salaries for its own workers?
The government that is anti people through her obnoxious policies amongst which was the notorious cattle colony and integration of political herdsmen in all our communities?
The invasion of same political herdsmen against the Igala Nation-Oganeinugu and Agbenema pogroms in Dekina and Omala LGA respectively?
The decapitation and dehumanisation of our people all in the name of power cannot be forgotten in a jiffy.
Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji is the most worthy, most qualified, most credible, most reliable, most acceptable, most accessible and above all, most trustworthy who would not sell us to the enemy of our land.
The enemy of our land is that man that would give scholarship to 970 students in Okene LGA out of 1,600 students who scaled through the rigorous standards for admission.
That political inept who would give scholarship to only 1 candidate in Omala LGA.The notoriety is endless at the last count.
Odih Daniel N. and his pay masters should be ready to engage Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji on issue based debate that is of importance to the general public and not trying to play the ostrich by showing their crude and uncouth behaviours through their immodest vituperations against one of the finest Igala son at the moment.
The ploy by the enemy to drag us to the  mud just like the Agbenema and Oganeinugu invasion against our people, will soon fade away as the people know the truth now more than ever before.
The enemy of our people is that man that would abandon the flagged off roads across board for trivial and mundane interest.
2019 is a no to this direction less government that is anti people.
Odih Daniel N. should go and look for job opportunities as he cannot speak for the Igala Nation under any
circumstances whatsoever as long as he remains in the camp of the enemy or better still,Dr.Victor Alewo Adoji can fix you up immediately if you care.
It’s important you desist from this despicable act that is morally reprehensible and religiously condemnable.
Akpane ane ki kpa!
– Ojoachele Akor Felix
V A Adoji Senatorial Project 2019.

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