Kogi @ 26: Ahmed Mohammed Preach Peace, Unity and Hope

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The member representing Ankpa 1 state constituency, Hon. Ahmed Mohammed has congratulated the government and people of Kogi state on the 26th anniversary of the state’s creation.
Ahmed, in his ‘message of hope’, said although the state has had a rough history, it is now on a new path to its rebirth.
According to him, “Kogi state is on the threshold of greatness. The commitment and determination of this government is unshaken.
“As we mark our 26th anniversary, we must resist, despair and come together stronger. We must continue to value our common purpose to the betterment of our people.
“The State Assembly will continue to work assiduously with the executive arm of government to realise our development objectives. Our priority is to build a virile socio-political and economic environment and therefore bequeath a better state to our future generations.
“As leaders, we are not unaware of the task before us as there is so much work to do which requires sacrifice by all. I will plead with our people not to lose hope. Most states have passed through challenges and emerged stronger. I have strong hope and conviction that Kogi state will also overcome it’s challenges and shall be great,” he said.
Ahmed, who is the Deputy Majority Leader, Kogi State House of Assembly, assured Kogi people that the future of the state is bright.

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