Ijumu ADC Assembly Ticket: Setting the Record Straight

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In the history of traditional political zoning, Ijumu kingdom stand tall and also serve as a foremost model, which others have been emulating. This policy predates the unwritten zoning policy adopted by the successive regimes in Nigeria.

There are three districts in Ijumu kingdom, namely; Gbede, Ijumu Arin and Ijumu Oke. Out of these, Ijumu Oke will be opportune to produce the next House of Assembly member in the Kogi State House of Assembly. Ijumu Oke comprises of Ogidi, Ayere/Arima, Ogale/Aduge and Egbeda-Egga. Out of these towns, Egbeda-Egga happens to be the only community who has not produced House of Assembly in the time past. And so for fairness, equity and justice, she must be allowed to produce the next member as it’s been zoned to Ijumu Oke by our Brothers and Sisters from other Districts. These factors of fair play must be promoted by our Ijumu Oke Compatriots as our Brothers are looking up to us to produce this from Egbeda-Egga.

I undoubtedly may not have issues with anyone contesting as it is their inalienable right to do so but in whatever contest, if justice is lacking then we can as well be talking about state of nature where life is short,brutish and nasty.
The contest seems to be fierce among Egbeda-Egga and her Ogidi Compatriots. One fact that can’t be twisted is that Ogidi and Egbeda-Egga has a long standing maternal relationships which predated the current civilization. We are brothers and will remain so till eternity.We must never allow contest for positions to sway this fact away.

Also,I have heard arguments in some quarters that Egbeda-Egga has had fantastic opportunities in the past to produce Chairmanship, House of Reps and Commissioner in the past in the person of our Distinguished Leader Abiodun Ojo. They said with this, we must forgo the opportunity to produce the next member of the Assembly. These people have also forgotten that Ilare/Igbolare ward alone in Ogidi has produced a Commissioner (Dr Medupin), a DG, NDLEA (Otunba Lanre Ipinmisho), an Executive Secretary, local and state pension board (Mr Paul Aiyenigba), a Special Adviser (Otunba Prince Jambright Sunmanu, a sincere and frank leader) and a Special Assistant (Otunba Shuaib Ipinmisho). There are some which time and space might not allow me to dwell on.

In addition, Chief Fehinti Dada was an Executive Chairman and who spent at least Three years way far ahead of what Hon Abiodun Ojo spent as a Chairman under zero party.

One salient question to be asked is ,who has benefited more in the sharing of these aforementioned political benefits between Egbeda-Egga and her Brother, Ogidi?

Ijumu Oke’s Assembly slots had variously been taken by Ayere (Chief Olumodeji), Ogale Aduge (Hon Adams Olorunmo), Ogidi (Hon S O Ibrahim and Hon Fehinti Dada). Leaving Egbeda-Egga behind in this regard. This is the ample opportunity for our party men and women, Leaders of thought, traditional rulers to prevail on all other aspiring community to allow justice and equity to play out.

My Party, the ADC must ensure that we take this ample opportunity to right the wrong in the APC and field Candidates from Egbeda-Egga and I bet Ijumu in general will be glad on this.

Micro zoning has always been part of us from inception. This was why Iyah/Ayeh was allowed to produce when it was the turn of Gbede. It was realized that Aiyegunle produced the last before it was zone to Gbede in 2011.

– Comrade Ojo Bidemi Jerry (OBJ)


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