I Want to Open Kogi Central to The World – Natasha

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By Isah Bala.
The Senatorial candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) for Kogi Central senatorial district, Natasha Akpoti has pointed out that her mission is to open Kogi Central senatorial district to the world through renewed approach to governance.
Akpoti disclosed this yesterday to newsmen, saying the revival of Ajaokuta will position Kogi state as the industrial hub of Nigeria and open Kog Central to the world.
She said, “Kogi Central is at the heart of Nigeria, our asset which supposed to form the bed rock of industrialisation is lying moribund.
“We know is a national asset, but like every national asset, there is a base and and Kogi Central is the base, reviving it will go a long way to boost Nigeria economy and create jobs for the masses which will surely benefits the host community, we can do it. The whole idea is that,¬† I want to open Kogi Central and Kogi State to the world and be the industrial hub of Nigeria.
“I don’t want to be one of those Nigerians who will just talk, I want Nigeria to walk in my time.”
She lamented that, Nigeria is one of the least represented when it comes to women participation in politics in west Africa, adding more women in position of authority will resonate to positive representations as women are known to be the nation builders.
While answering question on what the people Kogi Central should expect from her, she said she will consolidate on the efforts  to revive Ajaokuta, push for the implementation of laws guiding the steel sector she has started, the inclusion of social justice in Nigeria constitution, gender equity, and the promotion of what will make Nigeria better.
She lamented that one of the problems of Nigeria over the years is people at the helm of affairs who lacks the ideas and the initiative to drive development and doesn’t know their functions.
She maintained that though politics is acclaimed to be Mucky water, if everyone avoid it the society will never be better, explaining that it was one the reasons that made her to step in to change the narrative.
“I am going to be more at home, every child is going to be accessible, and bring government closer to the people through an inclusive government.
“2019 is going to be less of party and more of individuals, it’s not the party that build country, it is the people, we are going to build a new Nigeria from Kogi Central,” she said.

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