Gov. Yahaya Bello Wins Most Horrible Governor Award, Inducted Into Hall of Shame – Kogi Central Forecast Group

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Since its creation in 1991, Kogi State has been bedeviled by rogues in the guise of governors. But the state has never had a leadership as bad as it currently does under Gov. Adoza Yahaya Bello, sycophantically called “Fair win”


Under Gov. Yahaya Bello watch; Kogi is only alive on the pages of the newspaper, on television screens and the radio airwaves. Bello also pays those who feed off crumbs from his table to come to social media platforms to complicate facts and distort the reality in Kogi State. Under Gov. Bello, Kogi is dead and buried and is yet to reincarnate within the shortest time.
As Bello and his friends live in lavishness off Kogi’s wealth, Kogite silently live in penury, fearing harsh consequences of speaking out against them.


But one would never read the true Kogi stories in the newspapers, Television stations will never show them. And nobody dares talk about them on the radio.


Rather, all one hears and sees and reads about Kogi are carefully crafted lies and deceit, all because Nigerian media outlets have been bribed by Gov. Bello (who, by the way, is a member of Nigeria’s ruling APC) not to speak truthfully about the Bellos’ reign of terror in Kogi State.
The mass sacking of State and Local Governments workers by Gov. Adoza Yahaya  in Kogi State is on called for, barbaric and endanger State more on the increase art of criminality; kidnap, torture, murder and thugs in the State. Where do you expect these genuine workers sacked to start from with their family? I see no reason why would someone who won the election by the mercy of God tend to suffer the electorates who were suppose to enjoy the fruit of their labour. Politics is an unpredictable game in which the past government looks the better.


Kogi Central Forecast Group maintained that it was these genuine and so called ghost workers Governor Bello used to access the bailout fund from CBN and Federal Government. Furthermore, he sold his personal house to the State where he remains the Governor of the state. Is this not corruption? Where is the change, sincerity and the integrity?


The corruption under this short regime can’t be quantified with past regimes.


Under Wada administration ill-health was the method used to corrupt the state, when he received allocation, he will travel out of the country on a health ground until the next allocation before he comes back.


The group also condemns appointment of the third wife of the Governor as first lady of our state who has no relation with Kogi State. He has first and second wife who are kogites. This whole scenario is a shame to kogi central and kogi state at large.


Gov. Bello is compounding problems for himself every day. 16 political parties have taken the governor to court for installing illegal caretaker committee in the Local Government which is against the principle of democracy.


Truth is always bitter, but I will never deviate from the path. The group can’t allow our brother to be misled by his crew to turn down opportunity giving to us by Almighty God. Gov. Bello need to prayer to God Almighty to save him through Tribunal, Appeal and Supreme Court. I also want to remind everyone that Supreme Court does not normally follow the law or constitution but the situation on ground, and if home is weak, the reverse may be the case. An example of such is the River State Governorship election at Supreme Court or the case of Ohinoyi vs Ebira Human Right at the Supreme.


The group urges the Governor to reinstate the Genuine sacked workers to save Kogi State for unforeseen fugitive. This is not the power rotation or change we fought for collectively. Also, the Governor should call all the political stakeholders for advice and also listen to them to avoid had I know.
Kogi is stinking! Right from the Kogi Tower in Lokoja, the rot hits you. Kogi State is now the dirtiest in the country. There’s garbage everywhere along with bad roads. The people are really suffering and you see it in their faces.”
“The most horrible Governor in Nigeria Award” Gov. Adoza Yahaya Bello “The Worst Governor in Nigeria Award” More than 90 per cent of the opinion poll respondents strongly agreed Gov. Bello is the worst governor in Nigeria – not only in the current democratic dispensation, but since the State attained independence “Kogi Hall of Shame.”
Yakubu Nazir Abdulhakeem
Kogi Central Forecast Group KCFG


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