Essence of Celebrating First Baby at Clinic Donated by Hon Hassan Bagurma

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The donation of health infrastructure to people is very significant in many respects but celebrating the first baby born in the donated health facility or clinic is very symbolic in many sense.

We can all recall that Honourable Hassan Bagurma, a former majority leader of the Adamawa state house of assembly and a philanthropist of note recently built and donated a maternity and health clinic equipped with the required clinical equipments to his people of Anguwan Hausawa in Hong ward to improve their lives and well-being.

The birth of a child required that the mother and the baby are adequately taken care of to ensure that they got the skilled care during labour and delivery and that is what they got at the maternity clinic facility donated by Hon Hassan Bagurma to his people.

The essence of celebrating the first baby boy born at the clinic is not only about the celebration of the new live born in safe condition, but about having in mind the show of love, kindness and compassion which is also an extension of gratitude to God by the donor for the completion of what he has in mind for his people when building and donating the health clinic to them.

The birth of a new life in good conditions in a health infrastructure donated by the philanthropic gesture of a man of the people like Hon Bagurma is a sign of a good fortune to the society and this is not by chance. We therefore commend his good gesture and the medical director and staff of the clinic for achieving the first and their relentless efforts in rendering effective services to patients since the inception of the clinic and it it is a significant sign that the Hong people would now henceforth live a healthy lifestyle that would guarantee the well being of their children.

The celebration of the birth of the first baby born on the 1 January 2022 around 11pm in the clinic is very symbolic in the sense that it is the first major activity and it is one of the ways of showing the importance and the clinics commitments to the total health and wellbeing of the people and reducing maternal and child mortality.

It is very sad that prior to Bagurma donation of this clinic, a significant number of people still lose their lives during childbirth because they either dont have access to good medical care or end up in the hands of quacks but thanks to the building of this clinic by the Hon.Bagurma,it is now a thing of the past in Hong.

The people are forever grateful to Hon. Bagurma because of his care for their cause and for his assurances of continue provision and his willingness to do more to reduce maternal mortality through the provisions of more basic healthcare, renew infrastructure and increased human capacity to the clinic. Most of the envisaged challenges have been overcomed.

The clinic have the required workforce, better and capable hands to attend to patients that come there on daily basis to seek for healthcare. It is worth stating that Hon. Hassan Bagurma has also saddled himself with the singular responsibility of ensuring that the residents of Hong and environ have access to services that promote health and wellbeing and part of this responsibility is to strengthen structures, improve programmes and expand services that help reduce neo-natal and infant mortality and ensure safe motherhood moving forward. As such events like the birth of the first baby gives our people the chance to evaluate where we are, as against the years before the donation of this clinic and recognise opportunities to create partnerships that can further improve the clinic’s services outcomes.

Finally, thanks and appreciation to Hon. Hassan Bagurma for ensuring that the people of Hong live the kind of lives that will promote their welfare as well as that of the society.

– Musa Wada

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