Significance of Infrastructures Donated by Hassan Barguma to People of Hong Ward, Adamawa State

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Building infrastructure is an inherently political act of creation and society must engage in deliberative planning process with deep public engagement to determine what to be built and the type of future that infrastructures built and donated by individuals will help achieve in the development of the society. Here lies the essence and significance of the many infrastructures that Honourable Hassan Mammam Barguma recently donated to his people to help in its development.

Yet in this part of the world where government alone cannot bear the singular responsibility of providing the basic needs of the people due to its competing needs, Honourable Hassan Barguma stands out as a role model of citizens responsibility to the larger society especially those that society has given a lot to. Barguma is typically giving back to his people the love which his people has given him when he needed them most especially during the period of his political contestation and this has shown that he is not a native Nigerian politician who only sees politics as a vehicle for collecting from society what he would never give back to it.

The infrastructure needs of the people are typically presented as dispassionate, objective facts. In truth, infrastructure is a physical manifestations of both political power and social values and development of a given people. The design, location, scale and scope of infrastructures provided by an individual to his people shows his basic understandings of the needs of the people at any given time.

For Hassan Barguma, building and donating a blocks of classroom and clinic complete with the needed state of the art medical equipment to aid the health and well being of his people at this time shows the fact that he has really been connected to his people at the grassroots. This provided infrastructure built by him would for a long time reflects social, economic and political power of the good people of Hong ward in Adamawa state. The benefits of this provided infrastructure is the opportunity flow to the downtrodden who the burden of disinvestments and geographical isolations due to negligence of governments for reasons yet unknown has curtail their access to developmental infrastructures.

Hon Hassan Barguma has shown through the building and donations of those infrastructures for the use of his people that even in his private capacity and out of political positions that he is always willing and able to contribute his quota to Nation building. He believes that Nation and society building is a normative process and concept that means different things to different people.

The latest conceptualisation is essentially that nation building programmes are those in which dysfunctional, unstable and failed communities are given assistance by individuals for the developments of their supposedly governmental infrastructure in order to increase stability and that is what Hassan Barguma has done: contributing to the stability and progress of his people.

With the donations of this infrastructures to his people, Hon. Hassan Barguma is now regarded as a blessing to his people because of how he has singularly even out of office impacted the life of his people. A man of integrity, honour, purpose and insight. He is a pride to his people and a living testimony to the unlimited capacity of the black man. A gift from the Hong people to the world. He knows the basic things. He has the will and the drive. He has the basic understanding of what his people needs at any given time. He carried an enviable reputation for himself as a very principled and visionary politician.

Those projects built and commissioned Justice Nathan Musa on the 27 Dec 2021 will truly contribute greatly to the socio-economic growth of the people. Specifically, he has helped to put his community and people on the path to socio-economic and political re-discovery.

The people still see his time at the state house of assembly as their best time yet in achieving developments in all its ramifications as he attracted jobs, political appointments and state projects to his people and today out of power, he has personally used his personal tilt to continue the good works. His vision and selfless service to mankind needs to be commended because he has demonstrated his philanthropic gestures many times over.

He has by this actions sanitized and stabilize democracy and developments for his people. He has consistently fought on the side of his people for the democracy dividends to be brought closer to them, he has improved health, education, and established various programmes to improve the lives of his people who he says are his primary responsibility.

He has and would never lose sight of his responsibility to his people because the love of them is his motive in life. He has shown that he is a proud Hong golden boy. Hong is always in his mind and he intends serving them to the best of his ability by building and contributing more legacy projects that would improve their health, well being and developments.

– Musa Wada
Hong, Adamawa state.

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