Apologize or Be Arrested, Lokoja Youths Warns Abdulslimzy Maiyaki

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Light-Up Lokoja Movement: Press Release

It has come to the attention of the leadership of Light Up Lokoja Movement, some falsehood being peddled on Facebook and its WhatsApp platform, aimed at degrading it and defaming the personalities that make up the executive of the movement.

The said falsehood originates from a certain Abdulslimzy Maiyaki and Musa Baba’anini, who alleged that the leadership “have turned the group into a way of generating money for themselves”.

Not minding the paucity in grammar of the said falsehood, the leadership feels the lies intended to discredit it has been successfully passed.

It beats the imagination of the leadership that even after some of its eggheads were arrested and locked up at the A Division Station of the Kogi State  Police Command in Lokoja and had to endure the harrowing experiences they went through, someone could sit down and concoct such lies against it.

That despite the trust they have forged with leaders; traditional and political and its continuous sacrifices, such a heavy allegation could be crafted against it by an attention seeking nitwit just to bamboozle unsuspecting youths and members of the public.

In view of the above, the leadership hereby, at the end of an emergency meeting held today arrives at the following conclusions:

1. That the individuals that authored the said falsehood retract it and tender unreserved public apology to the leadership and the entire youths of Lokoja who have read the message, on or before 10:00am tomorrow morning, 10th April, 2017.

2. That if by that time (10:00 am) they refuse to tender any apologies, the leadership would take legal action against them in order to clear its name over the weighty lie being spread.

3. That the group, especially its leadership, would not allowed itself to be cowed by embryonic empties masquerading as “Comrades”.

4. That the group is ready to go to any length to prove its innocence and expose the lies which are widening in readership and causing phone calls from far and near soliciting true position over the said allegation.

Yabagi Mohammed

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