2023 Presidency: Why Nigerian Youths Are Yearning for Gov. Yahaya Bello

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The youths are the backbone of every nation. They, the youths, are also considered to be the majority in every society, organizations, and settings.

The youths are now of the opinion that they have had enough of the older generation who are tired and should retire but are insisting on clinging to power at all cost. The trend no longer go down well with the Nigerian youth, hence the agitation that the nation’s power be relinquished to the younger generation.

The youths, having looked round, had decided on a youthful leader from the north central geopolitical zone, the executive Governor of Kogi State, His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Bello as the favoured one.

The governor is believed by many to have been the mouthpiece of the youths all along and has always supported bills in favor of the Nigerian youths, hence he has been on top of the list amongst the presidential candidates who have been enjoying calls arising from the youths to step-forth for the top job.

Without any iota of doubt, the call is coming with the hope and believe that GYB is the man with the antidotes to the many challenges that has always bedeviled Nigerian as a nation since she attained her independence.

The youths are confident that our candidate, GYB, has all the criteria, prerequisites, and the requirements to cleanse Nigeria of all the malaise and insecurities bedeviling her ranging from bandits, terrorist attacks, high way robbers, boko haram and all the negative vices as exemplified since he assumed duty as the chief security of Kogi State.

In the agitations, the majority of Nigerian youths are making cases for the presidential hopeful believing that GYB is a unifier and a man whose mission, sole purpose and desire is to lead Nigeria to prosperity as well as merge Nigeria for all Nigerians without segregation and division of any kind.

In one of our outings, the youths collectively described Gov. Yahaya Bello as a dogged leader who is sound and capable of wrestling power from the older generation and willing to serve the country faithfully with the fear of the Lord.

The youths from all corners of the country, across party lines, religious divides and ethnic groups are calling on all well meaning Nigerians to join Bello’s Network and work together in conjunction with GYB2PYB movement in order to make it a reality for a better and a more bountiful Nigeria for all Nigerians.

– Abubakar Lawal Jr writes from Lokoja.

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