2023: Natasha Consults PDP Executives, Stakeholders in Kogi Central

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Ahead of 2023 general elections, Kogi-born social entrepreneur and philanthropist, Barr. Natasha Akpoti-Uduaghan has called on the people of Kogi Central senatorial district and Nigerians to work toward improved leadership across tiers of government in the country by putting the right candidates in the various elective positions.

Natasha made the call on Thursday while meeting with the ward and local government executives and stakeholders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Okehi, Ogori-Magongo, Adavi, Okene and Ajaokuta local government areas for consultation ahead of primary and general elections.

Speaking in Ogori-Magongo area, Natasha pointed out the common suffering of people across the country and the desire for improve leadership.

“Our story is not different from the story of every other districts or states in the country. Everyone is suffering, whether it is deteriorated electricity, unemployment, high cost of diesel and petrol, it is the same story everywhere. But there’s one thing that is happening across the country – an earnest desire to improve leadership.

“Whether to the west, to the south, everyone is trying to do something different because they have realized the importance of sending forth the very best representation in all the tiers of government. Because at end of the day, no matter how knowledgeable and intelligent your children are, they are still being governed by those in government,” she said.

Similarly in Okehi, Adavi and Okene local government areas, Natasha urged the people to go out massively and take advantage of the INEC continuous voters registration to obtain their voters card and put in the right candidates and leaders that would help transform the economy of the country and the various local communities.

“INEC will soon open portal for the continuous voters registration, make sure you come out and register. Do not sell your votes. No amount of intimidation, violence or money should shake you or make you deterred from your dreams. I am willing and putting myself forward to represent you so we can build our communities, Kogi Central, Kogi State and Nigeria together because we can’t continue this way.”

Addressing the PDP executives and members in Ajaokuta local government, Natasha stated the reasons behind her silence over the revival of Ajaokuta Steel plant.

“Driving down here, my heart was so heavy. I know the discussions we heard during our campaigns in 2019 here in Ajaokuta area. Today, almost four years after, Ajaokuta is still moribund. The supposed richest local government in Nigeria is now among the poorest. You suffer not because of the choice you made for yourselves but because of the choice the selfish leaders made for you. But I am not going to speak anymore because I have realized that no amount of words as an individual would change things until we have the legal authority to effect the change. The more we speak the more we endanger our lives and nothing will happen.” 

In further remarks, Natasha thanked the PDP especially in Kogi Central for the warm reception given to her during her decamping rally from the SDP to the PDP while assuring the party men of her readiness to build a better platform.

“I sincerely thank the leaders and members of our great party for receiving me so warmly into the party. I am not here to overthrow anybody, I am here to contribute and add value to the party towards greater leadership of our party and country.”

In their various reactions, the PDP Executives, through the party chairmen, youth leaders, and women leaders, expressed their overwhelming joy for having Natasha in the PDP.

“We were overjoyed when we heard about your intention to join our party because we know your capacity, achievements and contribution to the development of our people even when you are not yet in a political office. You have done so many projects from your personal pocket. We pray that God grant your heart desires to represent our people and deliver good governance to us,” Ogori-Magongo PDP Youth leader said.

The Ajaokuta PDP Executives, represented by the chairman of the party in the local government, commended Natasha’s selfless contribution towards the revival of Ajaokuta Steel plant and many other selfless service and community development efforts she had rendered over the years.

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