2019 Election: Gov. Bello’s Achievements in Kogi Affirms His Continuity

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One indisputable fact known by everybody is that governance is a process that has no end and that’s why every American President or British Prime Minister will always finish the good works of his predecessor. This among other things made those advanced countries great. Kogi State cannot be different from others.

The administration of His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Bello is thematically planned and branded as “New Direction Government” which was aimed at repositioning the State on the high pedestal amongst the comity of other States established together in ensuring that welfare of the citizenry as well as provision of projects that would better the lives of the people was prioritized. However, no matter the commitment of a good leader like Governor Yahaya Bello, he can’t complete all the projects started in his first tenure.

In all, the length of roads embarked upon by the administration of His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Bello will come to about 900km. Of this figure, about 600km has been concluded across the three Senatorial Districts and that is almost equivalent of the road distance between Kogi and Kano State and represents about 65.3% of the total roads he constructed in less than four (4) years.

Our sincere prayer is that God should grant him sound health to complete the good work he is doing in every sector such as; Security, Education, Water projects , Agricultural revolution to mention but a few.

Today, the effort of New Direction Agenda aimed at boosting good governance and navigate the citizens into the direction of positive expectations and strict proofing of government projects.

We shall throw more light on the education sector of the Governor Bello’s administration to showcase the unprecedented revolution he carried out and bring to the attention of the citizens the need for them to protect the positive legacy of his Excellency that would move Kogi State to the Next Level comes November.

“Education is the bedrock of development,” they say. The demand for education can be said to be a derived one, in the sense that it is required not for its own sake, but to equip people with knowledge and skills towards creating better citizenry and societies.

For decades Kogi State has been plagued by a number of rising problems from ghost workers, armed robbery, kidnapping, and prostitution and other antisocial activities prevalence to lack of capacity among policy makers and civil servants, including teachers. In the past, our children were growing up to believe that malpractices was the easiest way to pass exams. The effect is that today, we have, even among high-ranking government officials, people who cannot communicate understandably, let alone critically diagnose and proffer solutions to the growing challenges we face as a people.

Perhaps, it was the realization that these problems among others, and their associated social miasma were not addressed through a strategic and sound educational policy that motivated Governor Yahaya Bello’s ambitious, yet strategic strides in the sector.

When Governor Yahaya Bello assumed power in 2016 in Kogi state, the educational infrastructures in the state were in extreme decay and begging for attention. The policy makers and those saddled with their implementation at the time were demoralized and crestfallen due to the decades of neglect of the sector by successive administrations. Governor Yahaya Bello once again rolled his sleeves, brought on board men and women of supreme administrative qualities and immersed headlong into the muddied waters of education in the State.

In just less than four (4) years of unparalleled investment in the sector, the administration delivered to the people one of the most comprehensive, functional and qualitative educational system in the history of Kogi.

In understanding Governor Bello’s milestone in the sector, a thorough exposition of some of his legacy projects which were also legendary will suffice. Examples are:
~ Construction of GYB Model Primary Schools: Twenty Five (25) completed while Ten (10) are functional across the State.
~ Construction of Twenty Four (24) GYB Model Secondary Schools in 21 LGAs. Five (5) are completed while one (1) is functional.
~ ICT accessories deployed to Model Schools: Twenty one (21) awarded, Sixteen (16) finished while Five (5) are ongoing.
~ Equipping of Vocational schools: Equipped to handle Four (4) Departments/Vocations.

Needs Assessment: Provision of high quality education is the key policy of the Bello’s administration. The achievement of this objective was anchored on the construction of Schools with the provision of ICT Labs which are well stocked with computers, Libraries, Sickbays, Auditoriums, Well Landscaped and secured environments, equipped playgrounds, Classrooms not exceeding 30 pupils.

Community Secondary School: This project is completed, fully furnished and ready for teaching and learning.

Free Books Distribution Project: Free books distribution to Primary and Secondary Schools. Provision of School desks to pupils. Some Government Secondary School renovations were completed, furnished and ready for use.

The needs of the people are unlimited, every sector is demanding for attention due to years of neglect and resources are limited but with adequate planning, His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Bello is implementing the right policies that will put the State on the path of sustainable development.

Therefore, it’s pertinent for every stakeholder in Kogi Project to eschew politics of bitterness, bring him down syndrome and hate speech just to malign the people’s Governor and incite the public against him.

The Governor is the Chief Executive Officer of the State, he has the people’s mandate to allocate her scarce resources in the best way possible in order to enhance progress, therefore, it is incumbent on other arms of government (Legislature and Judiciary) to cooperate with the Executive to successfully implement this reform policies. The Legislature and Judiciary are major stakeholders and their sincere cooperation will be of immense contribution to the progress of our dear State.

As we march towards November re-election of Governor Yahaya Bello, we urge all people of goodwill, Stakeholders, Institutions, and Politicians not to heat up the polity as the Governor has provided the enabling environment and entrenched peaceful coexistence across the nooks and crannies of Kogi State.


Abdullahi Abubakar
For: Kogi Central Media Crew.

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