Yagba Reps Race: ‘Come to Terms With Looming Defeat’, Abejide Condemns APC’s Smear Campaign

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Candidate of African Democratic Congress (ADC) and member representing Yagba federal constituency in the House of Representatives, Leke Abejide, has berated the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the area for engaging in cheap propaganda and smear campaigns.

In a statement signed by Abejide’s re-election campaign spokesman, Abel Shola, the lawmaker urged APC to come to terms with imminent defeat at the polls.

He described APC campaign council in Yagba federal constituency as toxic nonconformists who vociferate for a living.

“Anyone who pays attention to the media would have noticed the recent attacks and smear campaigns directed at the person of Hon. Leke Abejide.

“Apparently, his strides in governance and determination to distinguish himself from the usual run-of-the-mill politicians have attracted the attention of persons with the wherewithal to use their influence to push false narratives through their non-conformist media that claims to be APC Campaign Council that has not received any acceptance in the face of the good people of Yagba Federal Constituency.

“They will always not be happy considering how Leke Abejide has distinguished himself by not being like them, they have nothing to campaign for their candidates than to smear attacks on Leke Abejide.

“A political campaign group that has not received any acceptance and can’t campaign on the shores of Yagba but thinks it has the morale to claim the projects executed through Hon. Leke.

“The uncoordinated APC Campaign group have not received any acceptance but has accepted defeats which makes them ranters, who lost it long ago but want to hide behind the media to continue ranting.

“We understand their pain, especially the ones they have demonstrated both online and offline, and now it is crystal clear that their missions are failing daily,” the statement said.

The ADC campaign spokesman stated that everyone who knows Hon. Leke will acknowledge that he is a man of peace and has never attacked anyone.

“The APC Yagba Federal Constituency Council Committee and its media are properties narcissists, self-aggrandising megalomaniacs, who see everything through the prism of self-promotion, but are bitter because of the response they have received from Leke Abejide recently, democracy is for all.

“Leke Abejide is a national leader that is expected to pally with every reasonable and impactful leader across party lines, he has never at any point campaign against APC and the Governor of the state. This is also another plot from this group to cause political thrift as they have always preached in the past which has never worked for them.

“The APC Yagba Federal Constituency Campaign Council is an integral thug that has accepted defeat, they are enemies of development in Yagba land. Hon. Leke has never bred thugs nor promoted thuggery in our society rather he has raised youths to succeed, unlike the renegade who formed an integral of underdevelopment in Yagba to attack Hon. Leke.

“The APC Yagba Federal Constituency Campaign Council wants to use their unpopular activities to force their ways into the hearts of the people and discredit Hon. Leke Abejide because the people challenged them to do something meaningful for a society which aggravated their anger alongside the response of Hon. Leke Abejide to them.

“Hon. Leke never threatened anyone openly or behind closed doors, he sent a note of warnings to those political thugs and their leaders who are planning to launch mayhem on the people during the election and also asked them what they have done as they wants to claim Jege Road as part of APC achievements.

“Recently, the failed APC Yagba campaign council have nothing to show forth to the people has impactful strides to be felt about them have been parading around because they feel this is their season to come out and launch their verbal onslaught on Leke Abejide. They didn’t have it good as they got the best prepositions of answers they deserve.

“It is clear to them that the era of thuggery, senseless killing, and attacks amid carnage is over and that is why they want to result in every form of attack on Leke Abejide.”

Abejide urged the APC Yagba Federal constituency campaign council should demonstrate what they will do for the people through their candidates.

“The committee have been asking for a constituency briefing, what more is the constituency briefing needed than the works and projects that speak more within the people of Yagba through Hon. Leke Abejide.

“No constituency briefing is more than the projects and other schemes that Yagba have experienced through Hon. Leke in the last four years.

“Some of the achievements of the Campaign Council are claimed to be just mere structures that are not impacting the people.

“The rice mill the Campaign Council are claiming as an achievement has not been working and has not in the last 1year produced a grain of rice nor is anyone employed in the mill except the security guard at the Mill.

“The general hospital for other federal constituencies has been completed what happens to that of Yagba East? What is stopping the complex?

“The KSHIS have only captured but have not served the people of Yagba Federal Constituency.

“How many sons and daughters of Yagba benefited from the Bello Cares Post Covid Enterprise? When there is no covid in Kogi state?

“The SUBEB-funded intervention for the renovation of Universal Basic Education Schools was just for some selected schools that are not up to 5 schools.

The employment of Yagba sons and daughters is one without promotion and shared just among APC appointees and not based on competence for all Kogites.

“The APC Yagba Federal Constituency Campaign Council have seen that they have gradually faded into political irrelevance with no integrity in society but always want to push forth false narratives to the people.

“This is a soft reminder to the APC Yagba Federal Constituency Campaign Council and its media unit; Leke Abejide won the last election and will win again based on his general acceptance and popularity.”

The Abejide re-election campaign urged APC in Yagba federal constituency to stop claiming projects that were not executed by them, as it appears that they love what is good but can not achieve it for the people rather want to claim projects of Hon. Leke as their project.

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